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Thanks for watching guys. I love you all. From the bottom of my heart. WOOOT WOOOOTTTTT
We look at three topics: guys who love their dogs too much, kissing your parents, and retailers not making me smile ear-to-ear.
Let me know what you guys think of the Editing. Should I keep the editor? Or throw them off a tall object?
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Toni Jachenovic
Toni Jachenovic 53 daqiqa oldin
I think those men are really just deeply closeted furries
Shadowstar Yakasha
Shadowstar Yakasha 11 soat oldin
I wish I could complain and get that many views. That would be my dream job.
Shadowstar Yakasha
Shadowstar Yakasha 11 soat oldin
Like a nut Voodoo doll
Nyckelhypa Kun oldin
4:55 = nightmare fuel
Drowsy K
Drowsy K 2 kun oldin
I woulnt do it cause id feel wrong but then again if hes bad bad its gotta be done on another note breeing dogs can be time comsuming and but can bring in some good money. One pitbull puppy can go for $600 easy depening on the breed. Where im from people LOVE pitbulls and bullys
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 2 kun oldin
I saw a black girl and her dad and she yelled across the store daddy come over here I want some sweeties. She looked like 16-17
Jeszii 4 kun oldin
1:31 you look like foxy from fnaf lmfao
William Rider
William Rider 6 kun oldin
We don’t want to because our dog got really fat and change
yfg 9 kun oldin
Command Master
Command Master 12 kun oldin
Mustache yay
Josue Rex
Josue Rex 14 kun oldin
Watch Ian running is the Best meme on internet
Max Business
Max Business 14 kun oldin
It's like they think animals have feelings, dumbasses
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 5 kun oldin
Animals do have feelings
Owen Gerry
Owen Gerry 15 kun oldin
btw, dr oz might have white skin but he is actually middle eastern. he is from turkey.
KZXC R.9 17 kun oldin
Wtf did i just watch
Tom Lovett
Tom Lovett 17 kun oldin
The run made me piss myself
Déàn Van den bergh
Déàn Van den bergh 18 kun oldin
Legit food review pls i have been laughing so much
Zemock 19 kun oldin
5.9K dislikes from dog-ball obsessed dudes who probably beat their wives
HxvocGames 19 kun oldin
lol yeah
aesthetic rex
aesthetic rex 19 kun oldin
Found myself back here again after MeatCanyon's new Tom Brady cartoon...
Joshua Mckenzie
Joshua Mckenzie 19 kun oldin
these guys beast
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 20 kun oldin
6:58 I’m here from Meatcanyon
RGB Kat 24 kun oldin
jarod Ace
jarod Ace 24 kun oldin
I’ve watched this video so many times and I just noticed the trap in the background. 👁👄👁
Micaiah=Bobjob88 26 kun oldin
All I get out of this man, is an opinion I disagree with but am hopeless to debate. Which is funny. Also, food shops take phone numbers so they can verify possible mistakes with the order and (if you are late) to identify if the order will be picked up or not. Fucking loser...
Dallas Boys
Dallas Boys 26 kun oldin
Idubbz is a liberal
SuperflyDerek 23 kun oldin
He is far from that lol
PathosFear 29 kun oldin
Zero nut sympathy. First thing i get a pet is znip znip at the vet.
Redepic Oy oldin
That thumbnail kinda reminds me of boogie2988 for some reason
ReignofHaHa Oy oldin
I work in a vet hospital and can say this is 100% accurate
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww Oy oldin
White people make me feel black by comparison.
Perigee Dynamics
Perigee Dynamics Oy oldin
Keep the tasty saver.
JayMightPlay Oy oldin
Edupz dropping his wisdom on us
Youtube Dude
Youtube Dude Oy oldin
I love your videos, but in gemany its totally normal to kiss your kids on the lips. And i agree to that if its not forced
organic thug
organic thug Oy oldin
Glory hole family prank hahahha
organic thug
organic thug Oy oldin
I admire strangers dogs testicles at the park. Well I did until I got a court order....... these judges just don’t understand my patriotic admiration of pit balls.
The Ironic Man
The Ironic Man Oy oldin
Whats next? Ball soup?
O DD Oy oldin
Idubbz yes bic (only saying that cause it sounds like u dig that) do some interesting view on wrong way move or previously covered up stuff like operation Popeyeor ...I dunno but it's interesting Shi
Oktaff Paronie
Oktaff Paronie Oy oldin
Мне нравятся твои усы, и вообще твои видео очень смешные и крутые, пожалуйста продолжай делать их дальше.
Geddy boi
Geddy boi Oy oldin
No soul pATCH
SnekaLex AKA Cenanem
SnekaLex AKA Cenanem Oy oldin
"Put down the mountain dew"
DunkdaHunk Oy oldin
And people thought I was weird for saying it was gross and wrong to kiss your children on the lips. It's such a personal thing to do with someone, and yes they're your child, but there are boundaries you should have with your children. That's one of them.
walter gaming
walter gaming Oy oldin
Zach M
Zach M Oy oldin
Bird man would make all his rappers kiss him on the lips, it’s a power move I guess 🤣
Bomb Fruit
Bomb Fruit Oy oldin
I don’t think my dog is cute but I love him even though he’s got a strange facial structure he’s sweet
Doodle Berry
Doodle Berry Oy oldin
That one guy confused me... I thought he said “Gloria’s balls”
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead Oy oldin
I’ve never seen a more demonetized video in my life
street urchin
street urchin Oy oldin
I know everyone says this but my dog really is the best. Ppl offer me so much money for him id never sell him tho. He's a permanent puppy. He's a pocket pit. A little mini 30lb pitty. Everyone wants my dog
naomi crook
naomi crook Oy oldin
i worked at journeys and i remember we had a counter of how many emails we would get and if we got below the standard then we would get in trouble. it was literally the worst
Jared Genesis The Alpha Male Over 9000
Jared Genesis The Alpha Male Over 9000 Oy oldin
Ironic since your girlfriend had you neutered and turned into a simp
Name loading...
Name loading... Oy oldin
q370p Oy oldin
i go to dog parks, just to look at beautiful massive hairy dog balls
Kadie Bernhard
Kadie Bernhard Oy oldin
the place i work at bases our hours on how many people sign up for the rewards program 🥴
Horrid Hound
Horrid Hound Oy oldin
I regret giving my email
ironzzZebra Oy oldin
My mom would kiss me on the lips but it would always be a peck. Understand how some people think it's weird. The thing I dont like is when it's like the thing Tom Brady did.
Nelson Sharma
Nelson Sharma Oy oldin
This video made me realise u r a noob with sick mentality.
Karotten Steak
Karotten Steak Oy oldin
"Hey all you lesbian trogs" how did he know that?
Raymond Johnston
Raymond Johnston Oy oldin
Well this is the dumbest thing I've seen you're only gonna get you dogs nuts removed for one reason and its sex thats why they do it they are beasts are you a feminist? Or something? Also would you like your nuts removed didn't think so luuuuuuuuuul
Cheetah D
Cheetah D Oy oldin
mustache yay
Till Nuoffer
Till Nuoffer Oy oldin
holly mooly i cant watch that clip with the guy kissing his kid why did u make me watch this
SorceLord Oy oldin
Unless you have Siberian husky’s ... then no ... no your dog is not the best looking dog in the park lol.
ByuBio Oy oldin
“Ovary Skin Sack” had me gross cackling
Dhruv Bansal
Dhruv Bansal Oy oldin
New Game for 2021: take a shot everytime you hear the word 'balls'
Nightshot101 Oy oldin
No way in hell that school isn’t in the south
Picklecicle Oy oldin
Soul patches disgust me
Jd Morgan
Jd Morgan Oy oldin
Dude you got a girlfriend
Audrey McKnight
Audrey McKnight Oy oldin
I hate the mustache.
Meghan Pfeiffer
Meghan Pfeiffer Oy oldin
At my old retail job, I would have to say "Do you have a reward account?" If they said "no," I was supposed to say "Let's sign you up" and sign them up without asking first. But instead, I always said, "Did you want to sign up for one?" My boss told me a few times to change this, but I never did because it's optional so I should give them the choice.
Nickname 29 kun oldin
I agree but what does that have to do with this video??
Leaf OnHead
Leaf OnHead Oy oldin
If that father that makes out with his like 13 year old daughter doesn't get a visit from the local Sharif's department that entire school and county is beyond help.
Not Gate
Not Gate Oy oldin
You should've given more clips of how insane pro-nut dog owners are, because I'm not familiar with them and you just sounded delusional. I'm empethetic towards not cutting my dog's nuts off, and I don't need to do it if they're not going to be wandering around the neighborhood. The short clips you showed didn't have context, and it just sounded like guys joking about how big the nuts were. If you don't find it funny that's fine, but the clips did nothing to show how they were irrationally attached to them. On what planet do you think a guy would buy a dog with big nuts so other people would think HE has big nuts?? Even if that is some deep, repressed human psychology shit, you'd be just as guilty of thinking that way. You extrapolate so far into your conclusions on human behavior, with such certainty, that you sound like a nutcase.
Rockstar Foxy
Rockstar Foxy Oy oldin
I would only neuter my dog if he went around raping all the neighbor's dogs 🐕
the kid parzival
the kid parzival Oy oldin
I'm hungry and its 3am
MurgoTV Oy oldin
So I guess the 5.800 downvotes are all the sickos who kiss their kids on the lips xD
Darth Walrus
Darth Walrus Oy oldin
Brandon Cary
Brandon Cary Oy oldin
I forgot about the gymnasium shit before but the Brady clip? Fucking gross dude lol
Officialy Oy oldin
a peck is okay, but eeeeeeeeee hell no to the lingering fuck that
swtaer vdesn
swtaer vdesn Oy oldin
I respect volume. Your hair mars your face, not enhances your appearence.
A.J. Swanson
A.J. Swanson Oy oldin
I was once asked for my address at a store, and the question made me so uncomfortable that I forgot my address. I stood there for what felt like an hour, trying to remember my own fucking address. I even lied to the guy and said I had just moved and didn't have it locked down in my memory yet because I was embarrassed to have forgotten it in the middle of a retail store.
Loopdedoop47 LOL
Loopdedoop47 LOL Oy oldin
Autom4tic Oy oldin
Me: "No! This is, this is ridiculous! You can't just simply order me to give my information just to make a purchase at a store! You'll just fill my mailbox with a lot of junk and sales, expecting to manipulate me in a time when I can be easily emotionally weakened into making a purchase because, maybe, in that moment, I want to get sweet taste of dopamine for buying something that I don't necessarily need to compensate my sad life, besides keeping bombarding me with consumerist..." Them: "You'll get, like, $0,05 discount on your next purchase" Me: "Here's my whole internet history"
outcast 47
outcast 47 Oy oldin
that police car in the background at 3:14
Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Sauce Oy oldin
I haven't heard any women speak so possessively about their dogs sexual organs BUT I have heard many talk like that about their trans kids. Specifically when it comes to someone born with breasts whos trying to get top surgery. A mom/sisters first response is almost always "But YoUr NIpPles" (because you often lose all feeling after surgery). Its so weird, they rarely think about the scarring, the dangers, and what not. its always about the nipples! like damn bitch, you got your own nips why you care about someone else. Its this weird possessiveness I've noticed, and seeing these men talk about their dogs holds a similar vibe. I haven't really been able to describe it too well. But its this odd almost ubiquitous reaction.
Ryan Cornwell
Ryan Cornwell Oy oldin
Did anyone actually count the frames and all and figure out how fast he was moving
jenni thompson
jenni thompson Oy oldin
"and your phone number?" ..."great now i just need your email address" makes me want to punch them in the head
slightly offensive dad jokes
slightly offensive dad jokes Oy oldin
bruh that's not the employees choice theyre just doing what the gotta to get by. seek help.
CEO of salamander -
CEO of salamander - Oy oldin
Whuddup my fellow trogs
stickh198 Oy oldin
If only there was a green screen, then he would've had a square hole in his stomach
Kaylo Julian
Kaylo Julian Oy oldin
He's got a point
arminkapp Oy oldin
Idubbz you run like a little bitch come down to rancho santa margarita and arce a 16 year old
Leo Horchler
Leo Horchler Oy oldin
People kiss their family and friends all the time on the lips in different cultures, it just depends if it’s a pek or a full kiss session
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Oy oldin
He looks like Daryl from the walking dead
Onfroi Oy oldin
Actually the info part is a requirement in some places, as an employee I usually just put fake info like phone # 111-111-1111 or random email, but there is no option to skip this step and actually make the sale, it's retarded
Nuclear Gaming
Nuclear Gaming Oy oldin
My dog is objectively better looking than most dog's
Knight Owl
Knight Owl Oy oldin
H3NR13TT4 Oy oldin
*But why dogs balls* 🙂
Gothicah Oy oldin
Yeah not like my family doesn't hug or whatever but never in my days have I kissed a family member of any kind on the lips that Tom Brady clip actively made me want to die for that child like oh nooooo. Like imagine that memory for the kid growing up thats so weird
James Green
James Green Oy oldin
Ian talks like Ron Swanson who’s lost his mind
Alex Rae
Alex Rae Oy oldin
Hey Idubbz or anyone that could answer this question, what time/days are you streaming? I work 3rd shift also live on the east coast so I'm hoping to check a stream sometime. Let me know thanks.
Ingore Oy oldin
Idubbz scales to sonic the hedgehog and therefore runs at the speed of sound.
Ometh Herath
Ometh Herath Oy oldin
MF_Harperion Oy oldin
Quantum nuts
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Oy oldin
Amazon: “What’s your address?” Idubbz: “NO! I’m not gonna fucking give you my address.”
Noob Noob
Noob Noob Oy oldin
Over exposed much?
Jimothy Blumberg
Jimothy Blumberg Oy oldin
Hi, I support all dog nuts as well as squirrel nuts, whale nuts, and so on
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