Why are these men screaming?? - Caja de Toques

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Yil oldin

Do not try this at home, we had a medic on standby.
Thanks for watching...recorded this like 9 months ago, decided to post....hehehehe.....
'caja de toques' or 'maquina de toques'.
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WCJB TheLongOne
WCJB TheLongOne 5 soat oldin
When it got to Michael it felt like William was the over protective mother Ian was the dad who wants their kid to over achieve and Michael was the brain dead kid who has no idea what is going on
InteriorCrocodileDankin8r 2 kun oldin
Mexico has less red tape. Which is ironic because a third of their flag is red tape.
Nobody In Particular
Nobody In Particular 3 kun oldin
1:24 william does an incredible impression of the happy wheels pogo stick guy
Marie-Oliver Delacroix
Marie-Oliver Delacroix 3 kun oldin
I'm surprised Ian wasn't capable of building his own considering he's an electrician's assistant.
Taka Brute
Taka Brute 9 kun oldin
yo this version of Michael is so tiny compared to to swol Michael
Xanlin Goehl
Xanlin Goehl 9 kun oldin
I really miss john the camera man
dustdoorknob 11 kun oldin
I feel like I just watched an ISIS video of people being tortured in war camps
BlackForestKaiser 13 kun oldin
that tiananmen square line from that kid made no sense. People got shot not electrocuted.
Lil Manula
Lil Manula 14 kun oldin
Michael Reeves: Shocking Origins
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 15 kun oldin
Where do I get one of these?
Kyotra 18 kun oldin
Ah yes, the Mexican Cerebral Palsy Simulator.
Owens FunHouse
Owens FunHouse 19 kun oldin
I just realized when it's michaels turn you can kinda see cameraman john in the window reflection.
Frey 27 kun oldin
Will with the segway Steve scream
spicy norwegian
spicy norwegian 28 kun oldin
This is just torture whit concent
The Retro Macaque
The Retro Macaque Oy oldin
I needed this
Risen Bow
Risen Bow Oy oldin
This is the moment that Michael got addicted to electrocuting people
Feathery Coffee
Feathery Coffee 25 kun oldin
Trust me it was waaaay before
Grant Wiebe
Grant Wiebe Oy oldin
wholesome family fun time with the boys
AKS Phantom
AKS Phantom Oy oldin
This turns your body into hand simulator
Cool TRG
Cool TRG Oy oldin
The very angry child
Maxim Oy oldin
There are soviet era machines like this, and you can connect them to the wall outlet for the full 220V experience... And yes, it could fuck you up
Joe Oy oldin
"hes screaming in fun"
Drewtron3000 Oy oldin
2:48 sounds like a Happy Wheels sound effect lmao
Pat Martin
Pat Martin Oy oldin
The jobless authorization neuroanatomically drop because married postprandially identify pro a ancient town. unhealthy, pastoral dill
Soviet clone trooper
Soviet clone trooper Oy oldin
8:00 when u feel the rush of electricity flowing through ur veins
SwipeSwish Oy oldin
Wonder what would happen if you put it it the bath
Chad Chadly
Chad Chadly Oy oldin
Michael looks like such a young boy here
Dank memes And sh!t
Dank memes And sh!t Oy oldin
3:58 is Ricky Berwick trying to open a banana
A human
A human Oy oldin
He looks like the riddler from Gotham
jinho Yoo
jinho Yoo Oy oldin
LOKI_AF mf Oy oldin
Im ordering one right fuckin now
Rekty Rektingson
Rekty Rektingson Oy oldin
Okay I had no idea this video existed. Fucking youtube man
It’s a rarely occasional weeb L
It’s a rarely occasional weeb L Oy oldin
Laughs in pain
The sprite Is here
The sprite Is here Oy oldin
I love how there are all these smart science youtubers and then just Ian
Hinatan Oy oldin
Michael looks like 14 year old kid
u know the rules & so do i
u know the rules & so do i Oy oldin
"this is like tiananmen square in colorado" - michael reeves -
Smokeybassoon73 Oy oldin
They look like Ricky berwick with their hands looking like crab legs
papiyankee11 Oy oldin
Just boys being boys
Aaron jones
Aaron jones Oy oldin
Michael Reeves turned that knob fast 😂😂
Empress-_-Raven Oy oldin
I'm not a pretty girl but thanks
Яæton Oy oldin
Good Idea: Crank ‘er up to 8 and slap one of the handles against the back of someone’s neck.
Justintiger9 Oy oldin
Coming back to this video after discovering Michael Reeves is *chef's kiss*
Suicidal Llama
Suicidal Llama Oy oldin
they all look like the kids nobody hung out with in school
lobsternaut Oy oldin
the ricky berwick simulator
daniel patterson
daniel patterson Oy oldin
I wanted to see him go from 1 to 8 with somone so bad
Luke McEllin
Luke McEllin Oy oldin
This would be a perfect colab with elctroBoom
Rodwil Estrellanes
Rodwil Estrellanes Oy oldin
I feel like Michael is a masochist but only exclusively for electricity.
LegendarySummer1999 Oy oldin
I care What you think
I care What you think Oy oldin
Do this again, but get Micheal drunk
David Sopkin
David Sopkin Oy oldin
Great content
Evan Martin
Evan Martin Oy oldin
This is why Michael hates tasers
Jake Chybowski
Jake Chybowski Oy oldin
Who woulda thunk the electricity goblin would be in a video where people get electrocuted (btw love you michael)
The White Knight
The White Knight Oy oldin
The problem at the end of the video where they all hold hands, to get electricity to pass through, Ian and William are grounded so the pulse just goes from them to ground they would need to isolate themselves
Nichealys Oy oldin
“I’m not as smart as the Mexicans, so I couldn’t make one on my own” Ian, you have Michael.
Bobbies1 Oy oldin
Origin story
yeah bruh
yeah bruh Oy oldin
who's the child and why is he there?
starwarsfan 54
starwarsfan 54 Oy oldin
As a loyal mexican citizen: THANK YOU Sike im mexican American but undocumented, EAT MY ASS ICE!!
b r ù h
b r ù h Oy oldin
Michael is just taking it pr well
tyrunt 504
tyrunt 504 Oy oldin
I have a feeling this is where micheal got his thing for tazing people
the wheezing gamer
the wheezing gamer Oy oldin
Michael's inner band kid really came out in this video
Lil Dufflebag
Lil Dufflebag Oy oldin
At a certain level this becomes a disability simulator
Lousy chef
Lousy chef Oy oldin
2:46 he sounds exactly like the dad from happy wheels lmao
Major Oy oldin
What _really_ kills me is that the anti-litigation warning on the box says: "Warning! THIS IS NOT A TOY TO PLAY WITH," when that's LITERALLY its intended use.
Maxwell Klinger
Maxwell Klinger 2 oy oldin
Legend has it that if you say ‘taser’ three times into a mirror Michael reeves will appear behind you
SaGe OwL
SaGe OwL 2 oy oldin
3:27 amongst all the dinosaurs, fear the t-rex
Sergio Vazquez
Sergio Vazquez 2 oy oldin
The way he says grigos is so funny to me
myles 2 oy oldin
will really turned into muscle man there for a second
Samantha Brenner
Samantha Brenner 2 oy oldin
Why am I just now seeing this
esp_Pipino 2 oy oldin
Imagine if ElectroBOOM was in this video, he wouldn't have even felt anything
Stacie Lamb
Stacie Lamb 2 oy oldin
It's kinda dangerous because by holding both handles the electricity will pass straight through your heart unless that is the person is ground and both anodes are live.
Frederic Martini
Frederic Martini 2 oy oldin
So I watched this video when it came out and I had never heard of Michael reeves (I hadn’t heard of any these guys other than idubs) and I genuinely was wondering why one of these guys brought their kid into the video...
Tahlia Camm-bell
Tahlia Camm-bell 2 oy oldin
With electricity you don’t hold the rod with your fingertips, they’re more sensitive compared to your palms. Big brain to wrap your fist around the rod
Aktuell Yāttee
Aktuell Yāttee 2 oy oldin
Guantanamo Bay Simulator
Uriel O-o
Uriel O-o 2 oy oldin
As a mexican i like electric games now
bred boi
bred boi 2 oy oldin
Ayyyy, Ian made new friends!
Harmless Bystander
Harmless Bystander 2 oy oldin
Why is it so fucking funny to see people do involuntary movements
Ashy’s Stuff Collection
Ashy’s Stuff Collection 2 oy oldin
Text at the end was cool “:3c”
pwned 2 oy oldin
This is the back story of tazer tag
Sir Oceans
Sir Oceans 2 oy oldin
being a mexican i can assure that this game is fucking hell
peach stank
peach stank 2 oy oldin
michael looks like hes fucking twelve
SupremeGioo 2 oy oldin
The nifty hell intradurally fire because thursday jelly poke failing a redundant grandmother. next, humorous africa
Blake Ripley
Blake Ripley 2 oy oldin
I’m pretty sure that arcade is in sanfran
IM dragonbreath
IM dragonbreath 2 oy oldin
8:18 me when I point a gun at a person but it's Eminem with the RPG again.
SupremeGioo 2 oy oldin
The talented sled aboaly tip because gender formerly stay after a bizarre hate. electric, rigid purpose
Jon-bomb Vidz
Jon-bomb Vidz 2 oy oldin
Why does I dub look like edward nigma from gotham
The Lyrics of this Song
The Lyrics of this Song 2 oy oldin
finally some more micheal reeves content in the wild
Wade Coplen
Wade Coplen 2 oy oldin
What is that little person?
Joseph Rowell
Joseph Rowell 2 oy oldin
Try it with people in parallel
sylvie taylor
sylvie taylor 2 oy oldin
9:05 wholesome family pic
Kennys Boat
Kennys Boat 2 oy oldin
Forgot how much this makes me laugh!!
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 3 oy oldin
The reason he didnt react as much is because he was probably a little less sweaty at first
cormac small
cormac small 3 oy oldin
So that was "HowToBasic" recording this, right?
kane088 Gaming
kane088 Gaming 3 oy oldin
God that little boy is so annoying
Daniel Ellis
Daniel Ellis 3 oy oldin
William osman has the best cameraman, and you can't change my mind.
Paul Larson
Paul Larson 3 oy oldin
Edup torture frien
Graham Fraser
Graham Fraser 3 oy oldin
I love how real this one is. Michael at the end is hilarious because he was actually pissed lol.
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 3 oy oldin
Michael could have built that machine in his sleep
HumanNerd 3 oy oldin
"it was fun though"
Maoe 34
Maoe 34 3 oy oldin
Chingatumadre Idubbbz, i love you.
imtoobasic1 3 oy oldin
*O W F U C K !*
Gabriel Eunice
Gabriel Eunice 3 oy oldin
This is a wierd crossover episode
We Built A Squirrel Car To Spy On Squirrels
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