Which Chex Mix Piece is the Worst??

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Someone call gordon ramsay, there is a maniac on the loose. This is the spiritual successor to the legendary peanut video. If you think I could get a job at chex, please email them for me. I'm in the market. Which Chex Mix Piece is the Worst??
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Ed Lew
Ed Lew Soat oldin
So apparently his girlfriend just grounded him in the basement
JSchoop 2 soat oldin
When there was actually a spoon in the video game I died XD
Margaret Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan 23 soat oldin
dylan tillery
dylan tillery Kun oldin
Sometimes the pretzels hole is too tight to do that
dylan tillery
dylan tillery Kun oldin
Ooh she love the rye chips, come on sally!
Freddie’s Overbite
Freddie’s Overbite Kun oldin
Melba toast the worst? Your out of your vulcan mind.
BoxZing Kun oldin
3:36 Stay away from Fiona that's Shrek's girl
Aleksandar V
Aleksandar V 2 kun oldin
Gatorpoon is better than this, gator is at least 100% impro. Fuck Chex, go eat a burger. (u look sick)
pengu noot
pengu noot 2 kun oldin
3:37 fiona from shrek lol
eyesinhand 2 kun oldin
Ok, so if I take away the breadsticks from the chex mix but eat everything else, is it still a mix? Like, say I have a bowl of cereal, but take away the milk, is it still a bowl of cereal?
Sircle of Wolves
Sircle of Wolves 3 kun oldin
0:38 Somebody call Chris Hansen...
YES 3 kun oldin
「ZED」 4 kun oldin
Rye Chip is best
Dog Wizard K9
Dog Wizard K9 5 kun oldin
I didn't know people ate Chex Mix as cereal.
Synikal 5 kun oldin
Rye gang, aoouh!
MrFootFxtish 6 kun oldin
Bro that mini breadstick sucks
KAMARONE HIP HOP 7 kun oldin
The rye chip is the best!
Bailey 7 kun oldin
VitalityDoesStuff 360
VitalityDoesStuff 360 7 kun oldin
I nearly cried when I saw the Chex mix fall out of his hatz
Fluffy Taormina
Fluffy Taormina 7 kun oldin
I hate you
chazer 007
chazer 007 5 kun oldin
@Fluffy Taormina fair point
Fluffy Taormina
Fluffy Taormina 5 kun oldin
@chazer 007 he ate chess mix with milk
chazer 007
chazer 007 7 kun oldin
But why
elpresidente550 7 kun oldin
Rye chip blows
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad 8 kun oldin
Man, this channel used to be so good.
Honcho Dolls
Honcho Dolls 8 kun oldin
I want Chex mix now
Matthew Fritsche
Matthew Fritsche 8 kun oldin
Is the person who loves you futa
Zen On
Zen On 8 kun oldin
This is not a legit food review
TheRealTiam lol
TheRealTiam lol 9 kun oldin
I really hope people who've never tried chex mix actually put it in milk.
someguyisme? 9 kun oldin
Unpopular oppnion i like all
Not Sergeant Lawn
Not Sergeant Lawn 9 kun oldin
Is her name Fucka
Patrick Griffith
Patrick Griffith 9 kun oldin
Ian has a girlfriend and doesn't know how to handle it
no named W
no named W 9 kun oldin
The wheat chex is clearly the worst
Biking Madness
Biking Madness 10 kun oldin
Wait there is a whole different kind of chex mix FOR cereal what you’re eating is something you eat like chips
Shaggy Iguana
Shaggy Iguana 10 kun oldin
I didn't know chex mix was a cereal...
Instantaneous Nothings
Instantaneous Nothings 11 kun oldin
XD. Oh meh fuck this is cereal..
Instantaneous Nothings
Instantaneous Nothings 11 kun oldin
Square definitely worst.. Rye best for shur..
nconati72 12 kun oldin
Fuck square pretzel, shit makes my mouth more dry and it’s unnecessary as a whole Theres already a better pretzel. Thank you for this scientific thesis
Righteous Mcdouble
Righteous Mcdouble 12 kun oldin
I always eat it dry xD couldn’t even fathom making salty liquid heartburn you call that milk lol
Ryan Antczak
Ryan Antczak 12 kun oldin
Laughs in gardettos
Owen Tyner
Owen Tyner 12 kun oldin
rye chip are absolute garbage
Aumann04 12 kun oldin
As a german, this pretty much answers all of my questions, except one: How the damn fuck do you dare calling square components of a sweet cereal Pretzels?
Philip Cabrera
Philip Cabrera 12 kun oldin
A similar mixed snack Gardetto's also has rye chips and they have a "special request" bag where it's just rye chips.
Yes 13 kun oldin
3:11 *agreeing grunt*
go ogle
go ogle 13 kun oldin
me who just hates pretzels in general:
Monomi 13 kun oldin
Wait , it’s a cereal?
Justin Da Silva
Justin Da Silva 13 kun oldin
Rye chip the best in Chex
The Gatorboy
The Gatorboy 13 kun oldin
I still want to know what happened to the bagel chips. (Yes there was a white chip too)
Mr. Dunce
Mr. Dunce 13 kun oldin
Listen, We all know the breadstick is the best.
Matthew Zulauf
Matthew Zulauf 14 kun oldin
Yo, when did your squirrels get so big?!
Chad Roeder
Chad Roeder 14 kun oldin
Newflash. Nobody cares. You're irrelevant.
Sic Cop
Sic Cop 14 kun oldin
The brown one taste like a burnt potato chip
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 14 kun oldin
People eat this as cereal
Slowmo iOS
Slowmo iOS 15 kun oldin
Don’t they actually make Chex Mix cereal for stuff like that-
James M
James M 15 kun oldin
Official Ranking: 1. Rye chip 2. Corn chex 3. Wheat chex 4. Circle pretzel 5. Square pretzel 6. Bread stick (the absolute worst that's just not worth eating)
The Mighty Gooch
The Mighty Gooch 15 kun oldin
I actually just buy a bag of rye chips.
Jessie 907g
Jessie 907g 16 kun oldin
Yo, how is iDubbbz both severely underrated and overrated at the same time?
L ogic
L ogic 16 kun oldin
The rye chip is the best. I would enjoy a whole bag of them.
Inf gamer lol
Inf gamer lol 17 kun oldin
I'm the only one who likes the raisins in the trail mix.
Mic Puffletin
Mic Puffletin 17 kun oldin
Rye chip is my favorite 🤣
AnthonyPit1'sSon 17 kun oldin
Wtf you eat it with milk
Yodi Cage
Yodi Cage 17 kun oldin
Is that f. Name Fiona
Mana Ridden
Mana Ridden 17 kun oldin
The chex falling from his beanie was so clean and caught me so off guard-
Kaycee Campbell
Kaycee Campbell 17 kun oldin
Chex mix is nottttt a fucking cereal!!!!!! Who the fuck are you?!?
lemons and oranges are yummy
lemons and oranges are yummy 18 kun oldin
Rye chip is delicious dry
Sara Sampaio
Sara Sampaio 18 kun oldin
The dog is so fucking cute
prod. Mike Hill
prod. Mike Hill 18 kun oldin
great, now everyone thinks chex mix is cereal 🤣
Bellathekid 18 kun oldin
I never seen anyone eat chex mix with milk. especially since there's pretzels in the bag and pretzels and milk sound like a weird combination.
Tsin Lao
Tsin Lao 18 kun oldin
Deeply unhinged...
Dalton Scruggs
Dalton Scruggs 19 kun oldin
Who tf even spends actual money on that shit
GOD'S WARRIOR 19 kun oldin
Shit I have a brain disease
Fabiola Velasco
Fabiola Velasco 19 kun oldin
I love you 😘
Copper Toad
Copper Toad 19 kun oldin
I know there is still a 4 year old trying to be trendy in the comments sayIng "simp"
Chanderson 255
Chanderson 255 19 kun oldin
can you check on william osman?
Colin Lawrence
Colin Lawrence 19 kun oldin
5:41 was mad funny
Zian Saakaar
Zian Saakaar 19 kun oldin
Hisoka 20 kun oldin
Gamer friendly
Gamer friendly 20 kun oldin
I like the rye chips:(
Melanie Winter
Melanie Winter 20 kun oldin
The bread sticks are literally the worst
chawki id abdellah
chawki id abdellah 20 kun oldin
I just turn them into a powder then add milk
Lenoir University
Lenoir University 20 kun oldin
people who say they like the rye chip are the same people who say they like stale chips no you don't you aren't special shut up
XXPENGUINXX x 21 kun oldin
Well since he didn't do it I'm gonna do it Rye chip A Square pretzel B Circle pretzel B- Corn checks C Wheat checks C Mini breadstick 79% C
Frog FromYT
Frog FromYT 21 kun oldin
I shouldn't need to say this, but from the comments that I'm seeing, I have to. Chex Mix=Dry savory snack. Chex=Cereal meant to be eaten with milk. He was doing a bit. General Mills doesn't intend for you to eat salted and seasoned pretzels, rye chips and breadsticks in milk.
America Is my city
America Is my city 21 kun oldin
The circle pretzels art style in the chex game reminds me of claptrap
Sayre 21 kun oldin
Wait chef mix is a cereal?
b 22 kun oldin
I agree with everything he is saying in this video
Chase Murray
Chase Murray 22 kun oldin
PEOPLE HATE THE BROWN THINGS?? I’m happy they sell them separately
Hannah Jochems
Hannah Jochems 22 kun oldin
I would put milk over the honey nut chex mix
Noah Gindin
Noah Gindin 22 kun oldin
Anyone else play the original Chex quest from a while ago?
Cum Man
Cum Man 22 kun oldin
WAIT is it actually cereal or is ian fucking with me?
AltitudeMatrix 22 kun oldin
yea i have no idea
Spider Provider
Spider Provider 23 kun oldin
1:33 Idubbbz leaked a video game and we had no idea
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 23 kun oldin
The rye bread chips are the best
Noa channel
Noa channel 23 kun oldin
I can’t believe I enjoyed watching a video about Chex Mix
DJ Dawson
DJ Dawson 23 kun oldin
Waittt milk I've never eaten them with milk Have I been eating them wrong the whole timee
Aptrn 24 kun oldin
I have never had it with milk before... I’ve only ever ate it dry
ozzy dominguez
ozzy dominguez 24 kun oldin
I had no idea it was cereal
Mas’k 24 kun oldin
This but the cheddar bag
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien 25 kun oldin
I’ve never put milk over Chex mix but I agree the rye chip is the best.
Paul Larson
Paul Larson 25 kun oldin
I’m scared of the spicy milk
thicc thum tak
thicc thum tak 25 kun oldin
I eat the shit I hate and save the rye chips
d3m0n4dayz 25 kun oldin
Why are pretzels in CHEX mix I don't get it
ALREADY DEAD 25 kun oldin
3:22 what just happened 😂😂😂
༺Heidi Johnson༻
༺Heidi Johnson༻ 26 kun oldin
Rye chips might as well be tree bark.......or chunks of cement 🤮
༺Heidi Johnson༻
༺Heidi Johnson༻ 26 kun oldin
Omg 🤢🤮
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine 26 kun oldin
Wheat chex is easily the worst
Food mascots I could beat in a fight
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