STOP DOING THIS - Strange Asian Holes

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In this video I talk about the strange phenomenon of asian people 'fishing' with mentos, coke, and eggs. They are able to catch catfish, hedgehogs, porcupines, alligators, and turtles out of small holes. It's very cool, but also kinda cronge. stop


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iDubbbzTV Yil oldin
OH, i forgot to mention how this works. u could either stuff fish in a small hole where they dont belong...or you could dig a tunnel and have your buddy stuff fish from the other side of the tunnel. P. STRAIGHT FORWARD BROS
Jollygoodlad Oy oldin
Alright lemme show you how this works, cause you might not get it
SaveTrees Oy oldin
no shit
James house
James house Oy oldin
That moment the video starts off like animal abuse, but then out of the bubling hole the aggressively and jermaticaly pulls out a flesh light!!! While screaming! I’d be down to do it!
Blxckout Oy oldin
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Oy oldin
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Ritzie Shiya
Ritzie Shiya 17 soat oldin
Idubbz doesn't know what he's talking about. I on the other hand, am a professional, phisher and I have a PhillyD doctorate in cocaine fishing so if anything I believe I'm qualified enough to explain what's going on. As you can see, in most of these vids they're using coke. All the other stuff they use is just a red herring. Animals are scientifically proven to despise coke and they much rather prefer the holy grail of soft drinks a.k.a the taste of a black monster. The reason they're coming out is because they're annoyed you'd treat them to some coke and wish to express their anger by saying non-Susan friendly words, much like the well-documented dapper mudcrabs. I rest my case. I know I'm a year late, but I really do.
Idea of in cambodia
DoggyNGT 2 kun oldin
Ok so I googled it: Farts are funny apperantly
\/ IΞ G /-\ R D
\/ IΞ G /-\ R D 2 kun oldin
Explanation: The coke mutated the egg to become a fish egg, and then the reaction between the mentos and the coke speed up the growing process drastically. The fish grew to a full adult fish immediately, this newborn adult fish needed some fresh air because it was swimming in carbonated water, it, therefore, swims up to the surface, where it gets caught. the rest of the videos are impossible to explain though.
Harry Lissy
Harry Lissy 3 kun oldin
He sounds like lester from gta
Chromax 3 kun oldin
Luckily it wasnt a japan hole...
Carsonogenx carson
Carsonogenx carson 3 kun oldin
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 3 kun oldin
This is sad
plague gaming
plague gaming 3 kun oldin
Kaiden Miller
Kaiden Miller 4 kun oldin
Kieron Inglis
Kieron Inglis 4 kun oldin
"everybody's seen the weezer video" pork n beans gang
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 5 kun oldin
KAMARONE HIP HOP 6 kun oldin
This wasn't the strange asian holes I came here for. 🙄
Gaming Gator
Gaming Gator 6 kun oldin
Hol up
Jolez _
Jolez _ 6 kun oldin
I had some major constipation issues so instead of buying weapons grade laxatives I just poured coke an mentos on my asshole and the problem just flushed itself away.
Fabian Ascencio
Fabian Ascencio 6 kun oldin
that's just a waste of good soda and the pour animals I mostly just feel bad for the turtle and the hedge hog
Fabian Ascencio
Fabian Ascencio 6 kun oldin
that's just a waste of good soda and the pour animals I mostly just feel bad for the turtle and the hedge hog
Exterminatus enthusiast
Exterminatus enthusiast 8 kun oldin
the turtle was a russian tortoise, the most common pet tortoise and the easiest to take care of. who do they think they are tricking
der krieger
der krieger 8 kun oldin
Where is your science now twitter
BaBa Bouy
BaBa Bouy 10 kun oldin
song name?
SyscoVids 11 kun oldin
ha ha people think that catfish just live in random holes in the middle of fields
Jaden Decker
Jaden Decker 11 kun oldin
Chickens don’t live in holes though
Trichogaster 118
Trichogaster 118 12 kun oldin
does it count as fishing when youre stuffing your own pet down a hole and waterboarding it?
Kirk Barrow
Kirk Barrow 13 kun oldin
That ending 😭🤣💀
IDK Studios
IDK Studios 13 kun oldin
Key Wee
Key Wee 13 kun oldin
jpxfrd funny
jpxfrd funny 14 kun oldin
Fuck ye
HephLow ʙᴀꜱꜱ flow
HephLow ʙᴀꜱꜱ flow 15 kun oldin
the exact definition of this video is wtf?
Yes, pls
Yes, pls 16 kun oldin
So i looked it up, but i wasn't able to find an answer.
consumer of bepsi
consumer of bepsi 16 kun oldin
ok i looked this up and apparently in halloween of december the fish get hungry so throwing the egg in causes the fish to undergo photosynthesis and return to the sun for sunlight but the coke and mentos is to force the fish all the way to the surface to breathe but this was faked because they forgot the crucial step of committing tax fraud before the procedure. if you miss that step it doesnt work at all
Mac MashPotato
Mac MashPotato 18 kun oldin
Man if anyone knows how a wild hedgehog works, thats clearly his pet.
ya boi
ya boi 19 kun oldin
hedgehog one made me really sad ): hedgehogs are so cute and little and amazing why would you put it in a joke full of fanta
NuclearApple 21 kun oldin
This guys smart. Let me explain...
Mike Tello
Mike Tello 21 kun oldin
For some reason the ending reminded me of a funny video that includes a biker, a squirrel and a hot drink hitting the floor.
Master Madd
Master Madd 22 kun oldin
fuck im about to be a twitter idiot and someones probably already said it but with the catfish at least it is a real technique and a very old one the coke/mentos or toothpaste is absolutely worthless and just plain braindead you know absolutely nothing stupid all it comes down to is you dig a hole next to a populated stream coming out under the water catfish seek shelter/rest under rocks or whatever hole they can find but you've dug this hole and are standing there ready so it has no time to gtfo its pretty much the same as cage fishing but for bigger prey with a strange asian hole
brennen farnworth
brennen farnworth 23 kun oldin
Lol the fact that you said why is all these. Tweets a gosh dang black person
brennen farnworth
brennen farnworth 23 kun oldin
So......your rasicst?
Dragon N Sunny Not Active
Dragon N Sunny Not Active 24 kun oldin
Where are the Asia chocolate starfish 😂😂🤣🤣
The Casual Bear
The Casual Bear 24 kun oldin
Most youtubers: Stretching their videos as far as possible to make it 10 minutes Idubbbz: Makes the video 9 minutes and 52 seconds
GraftedOliveBranch 25 kun oldin
Apple! Essence
Apple! Essence 25 kun oldin
Jurre Rincker
Jurre Rincker 25 kun oldin
8:37 Nice “chicken” bro. (It’s not a chicken) 😂
Lucas Hopkins Vlogs
Lucas Hopkins Vlogs 25 kun oldin
This guys smart now let me tell you why. He adds funny editing to his videos making us feel good and makes us want to click on another video.
Cat Fish
Cat Fish 25 kun oldin
I do not fracking approve of this shit why
XXXTEENTITANS 26 kun oldin
the coke and mentos caused a chemical reaction that produces carbondioxide, basically smothering the fish so it'll swim somewhere to look for oxygen and it ends up on the surface for him to catch. and the egg act as a bait for the fish. genius way of fishing.
Patrick Byr
Patrick Byr 26 kun oldin
This is real journalism.
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 26 kun oldin
hedgehog good taste
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 26 kun oldin
26 kun oldin
Bruh the fish just wanted to drink some coke
ً 27 kun oldin
I fell off my chair when he said *D R O W N T H E T U R T L E* instead of tortoise
Cade the awsome
Cade the awsome 28 kun oldin
I mean why would a crocodile dig a hole in the ground They don't do that they live near water god dammit
idoking12 28 kun oldin
Ok guys, so I spent the last few minutes, formulizing a new diagram for the devils connecting alternate realities and found out what is truly a SIMPLE conclusion: the mentos and coke triggered a spark in the soul of the catfish creating many contradictions between the laws at work having the catfish primal instincts activated and making it try the consume the human forgetting all his exhaustion therefore becoming an easy target
Nebula 29 kun oldin
An easier way to know this is fake is by understanding that coke and mentos isn’t even a chemical reaction. It’s a physical reaction from the rough surface of the mentos. Veritasium has a video on it.
TheHammerBruh 28 kun oldin
That’s an easier way, not just common sense
Sebastian Myburgh
Sebastian Myburgh Oy oldin
I.. what the fuck is with the clip at 8:08? The video says it's a turtle, but it starts off as a tortoise, which then turns into a terrapin? What?
Sebastian Myburgh
Sebastian Myburgh Oy oldin
The very first clip was convincing. The rest are the most ridiculous shit I've ever seen
Fall Back
Fall Back Oy oldin
Okay rewatching this, why does Anise sound like Morty
Corbyn Belliveau
Corbyn Belliveau Oy oldin
Yeah inpropercolby fuck you
Poisonous Purple
Poisonous Purple Oy oldin
I fucking hate Twitter
Night Shade
Night Shade Oy oldin
Why is idubzzz so Smart?
Rino 2436
Rino 2436 Oy oldin
So I looked it up, Linus makes computer videos
BlueBerryy Faygo
BlueBerryy Faygo Oy oldin
"Its a tired fish! It walked like 2-3 miles to get here." Excuse me *whaaaaat* ?
Griffiths Rababy
Griffiths Rababy Oy oldin
Why was i unsubbed?
Thatonekid Oy oldin
I love how passionate he gets
Fletcher Power
Fletcher Power Oy oldin
It seems that the fish are jumping the boarder
ProGamerLP Oy oldin
The real question is Why tf do those guys think we would belive a fucking chicken burried a hole to live in there
Сергей М
Сергей М Oy oldin
I laughed my ASS off by the ending :D :D :D
Blazer Williams
Blazer Williams Oy oldin
You mean the Asian holes with the violent fingering and moaning and wierd noises? Yes I've seen those lol. I think they plant the fish, frogs, snakes etc. in the hole.
Michael McCartney
Michael McCartney Oy oldin
4:40 i love it
Bobby T
Bobby T Oy oldin
OK iDUPES i used to do this as a kid we cought all kinds A fishes
Jovic Dwayne T. Balabag
Jovic Dwayne T. Balabag Oy oldin
Bruh stupid
Doctor Aids
Doctor Aids Oy oldin
What a simp
ancard Oy oldin
that's the same fucking hole in every video, c'mon
STUDIO 33 Oy oldin
Jared Genesis The Tom Brady Of Youtube
Jared Genesis The Tom Brady Of Youtube Oy oldin
dude you're a simp
Ryan Hackland
Ryan Hackland Oy oldin
Strange Asian holes sounds like the name of a porn flick
Andrew Oy oldin
"Not going to call it animal abuse!" Hahaa
Ollie Turnbull
Ollie Turnbull Oy oldin
"strange Asin holes"
Daneee 79
Daneee 79 Oy oldin
Damn idubbvz really turned into the bad guy from Ted
gotcheeze Oy oldin
That last part had me dead
Logan Hamilton
Logan Hamilton Oy oldin
Idubbbz looks like Walter white in season 1
Max M
Max M Oy oldin
“ITS TIME TO STOP” ~FilthyFrank
Luke Allen
Luke Allen Oy oldin
You can use coke and mentos to catch Pokémon if you lost your master ball
Guillermo Oy oldin
ok so i googled this. the catfish is a man and is attracted to the egg so he goes to mate with it. But then he finds coke and mentos so he goes up to eat some sugar because he’s fat. But the guy takes him before he has the chance to eat the sugar.
Mr beast be like “get me all the coke in the world we gonna dump that shīt in the ocean”
Chris Romero
Chris Romero Oy oldin
maybe the real holes were the friends we made along the way
Ryker Oy oldin
okay so i googled it: that first one is a fucking tortoise and they cant swim those guys are drowning it
someguy25 Oy oldin
someguy25 Oy oldin
@Jovic Dwayne T. Balabag just what a simp would say
Jovic Dwayne T. Balabag
Jovic Dwayne T. Balabag Oy oldin
@someguy25 having a girl is not a simp. Watching thots on twitch donating 100 of bucks is a simp. Get a life dumbass
Lukas Jackson
Lukas Jackson Oy oldin
Shut up
someguy25 Oy oldin
@Decent as a simp
Decent Oy oldin
@someguy25 at least he has a life
Biggie Oy oldin
In Asia you pour soda pop and the bear comes out of the hole. Because you used 6000 gallons of Pepsi into the cave
I love strange asian holes
Cynthia M
Cynthia M Oy oldin
This is literally ANIMAL ABUSE! Why are we using sodas which contains acidity and pouring them on animals? Some asians just move different.
Wild Banana
Wild Banana Oy oldin
fuck god damn it the end killed me, ok you win i subscribe
dustboxednorth Oy oldin
"I posted this on Reddit earlier" Aha! Every reputable source posts their findings on Reddit. Yes, indeed. We all know the most professional of professionals use Reddit. Mhm.
Peter Escudero
Peter Escudero Oy oldin
YOU FUCKING IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT. huh. Funny. I am quite sure i heard this during Christmas break.
Ęfførtlèsś Oy oldin
Aww man bet all the UZpostrs that put hours in there videos and only get 100 viewers are heated 😀
Tim Is cracked
Tim Is cracked Oy oldin
This Guy is smart so let me explain what he did he combined the mentos and coke and it murdered the fish and it tried to go Away from the Guy pupeteering the fish from the other side then he tried to get help from the weird asian man that scooped him in a Bucket earlier Sorry if anything is spelled wrong im dutch🇳🇱
Shave the mustache
golf 4
golf 4 Oy oldin
Still a simp
max Carroll
max Carroll Oy oldin
Bruh i bet your 9
Michael Shane
Michael Shane Oy oldin
max Carroll
max Carroll Oy oldin
9 year old
Luchi Oy oldin
Not my favorite type of asian holes
ERRORcode 12
ERRORcode 12 Oy oldin
Moral of the story: animal abuse isn't animal abuse if it's fishing
Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher Oy oldin
Your an actual one sided douch, if you want to act like you do to other people comments, your no better then the rest of the imbaseals, yes your right but explain things better before you get so out of control and make yourself look like a fool by trying to make other look bad, id rather be humbely right then an arogant prick, if you in your own words dont want to be an idiot, then dont! Simple remebr your wasting more of your life making videos like this then the suckers that watch them, whos the real looser !
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 26 kun oldin
is this ironic?
Earrape studios
Earrape studios Oy oldin
Lukas Jackson
Lukas Jackson Oy oldin
Why are you so mad lol it’s literally fake pet fish in holes lol
karmakazi219 Oy oldin
Omfg I'm dying! 🤣😂
"LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtS"
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