Naruto-Midoriya-Shipuden Attack!!! - Bad unboxing

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Ok, next time I'm gonna have to open a lot more packages, and get more crazy with it. I gotta be just a bit scared of what I might find. My gag-reflex is at an all time high....just sayin'
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Harambe 2 kun oldin
He looks like a man who has kids in this basement in this video
B00STERG01D 3 kun oldin
StarPlatinum ZaWarud0
StarPlatinum ZaWarud0 4 kun oldin
NARUTO SASUUKEE : actually from naruto BAKUGO: from MHA Weebs: raging noises
Cole Moran
Cole Moran 4 kun oldin
mate Kratom is a mild opiate
King Vegeta
King Vegeta 5 kun oldin
Idubbbz your mommy says I'm disappointed not perfect
Judd Penka
Judd Penka 6 kun oldin
Lmao someone just randomly sends you opiate supplements, now thats a gift.
K地区戦隊NEW 6 kun oldin
Nice to know he plays Artificial Academy 2 lol
Rhys Sanchez
Rhys Sanchez 8 kun oldin
IDUBZZZZZZZZZ;Naruto'saseke'bakugo Me;wait bukugo it's in different universe
Kandy Ninja
Kandy Ninja 9 kun oldin
No money shots : (
moist 10 kun oldin
Kratom is a proper drug😂
Liam Judd
Liam Judd 13 kun oldin
he did the classic *gag* oh fuck *gag*
william luckhurst
william luckhurst 13 kun oldin
I wonder if fiona has used that bowl
SuazCards 15 kun oldin
I love the burns on MaxMoeFoe with the AUD amounts on products. Lol.
unearthedgraves88 15 kun oldin
I hope this man knows that this entire playlist is on my playlists....
Jonoab69 16 kun oldin
"Remember to toon in next time when i do another bad unboxing and shit gets even weirder". I legit cried when he said that :'(
SouthDestinyYT 18 kun oldin
Is it time for the yearly bad unboxing yet papa iduppz
jacob andrade
jacob andrade 19 kun oldin
Anybody know the name of the saxophone song that played at the very begging 0:01
jacob andrade
jacob andrade 17 kun oldin
@Robando Dinero h-mode theme from artificial academy 2
Robando Dinero
Robando Dinero 17 kun oldin
Tell me when you know
le4h 19 kun oldin
we need more episodes now since we're trapped in our houses
Trap Dad Murkules
Trap Dad Murkules 19 kun oldin
Kratom, it's kratom, over a year later
Sid Lid
Sid Lid 21 kun oldin
Iddubz literary looks like he’s actual dying man that’s sad
-swim_to_the_moon- 21 kun oldin
what’s the song
Kylie Yi
Kylie Yi 22 kun oldin
Heheh I’m a Chreky 7:55
Mike D
Mike D 24 kun oldin
5 years and it still isn't in 60fps
Mike D
Mike D 24 kun oldin
It's been a year already? Wtf man
SLAIDURR YUNG 24 kun oldin
I fucking hate that mustache.
shady skwid
shady skwid 25 kun oldin
wheres the next unboxing
Teeme Reborn
Teeme Reborn 27 kun oldin
Idubbz will never make another episode of bad unboxing!
TROLL VLOGS 27 kun oldin
I want more i sent you a vaccine
DahManPlayz Oy oldin
Will bad unboxing ever return??
Seamus Dutcher
Seamus Dutcher Oy oldin
can I borrow that mask
the info fox got gears
the info fox got gears Oy oldin
Is his PO boy open ???
5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901
5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901 Oy oldin
the first thing he does when he gets a phone is break it over his knee
Fritz Andrew Benitez
Fritz Andrew Benitez Oy oldin
Sure in gun
buzzard472 justin
buzzard472 justin Oy oldin
Congratulations you unlocked 1 add
IcySeaTea Oy oldin
I thought he would make more episodes and now he abandoned it
The Ghost of Youtube
The Ghost of Youtube Oy oldin
5000 yen = 5 USD
unrealistic alex
unrealistic alex Oy oldin
0:02 song name?
K地区戦隊NEW 6 kun oldin
It's from Artificial Academy 2 (ジンコウガクエン2). It's part of the BGM/OST for it. But it doesn't really have a name. Searching up "Artificial Academy 2 Complete Soundtrack ジンコウガクエン2 BGM" should allow you to find it.
Ella Oy oldin
interesting how he got a mask at 2:12 yet the rona wasn't in America until January...cute little coincedence
Jack Swift
Jack Swift Oy oldin
“Remember to tune in next time” It’s been over a year :(
sarahhh.mp4 Oy oldin
i miss this series i hope he makes more :(
Axel Ferrer
Axel Ferrer Oy oldin
MadsIGuess Oy oldin
I wonder if Ian uses that mask now
Funky Student
Funky Student Oy oldin
"Whats Chinese currency called?" The way he says that and the look on his face will never not make me laugh hysterically
Kylie Yi
Kylie Yi Oy oldin
7:56 a shrek beanie or a shrekie... I wish I was joking when I said that’s how you pronounce my last name
actual flamingo
actual flamingo Oy oldin
legends say he hasn't opened a box since
john r
john r Oy oldin
The mask package was ahead of its time
Hilary Kennon
Hilary Kennon Oy oldin
Dude you should bring this series back love your content
Boris Chervenkov
Boris Chervenkov Oy oldin
I hope Edub saved that dog bowl for his pup
Emo Oy oldin
2:13 This came out before coved 19
Norbert Moses
Norbert Moses Oy oldin
COVID and most feminin boys wear that stuff before COVID 19
RoundedApollo80 Oy oldin
Naruto-Midoriya-Shipuden Attack!!! now this is a avengers level threat
Green Berry
Green Berry Oy oldin
"This feels like a hat, am I right about that?" This feels like a hat, mini mini square fat
Koji Oy oldin
Idubbbz would never make another episode of bad unboxing EVER
daniel ziech
daniel ziech Oy oldin
The mask was foreshadowing
saltyassassin Oy oldin
When I saw the masks I started to get war flash backs
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Oy oldin
Ig no bad unboxing for 2021
PyroFloe Oy oldin
0:16 well that aged well
Chugz 26 kun oldin
@PyroFloe now I get it
PyroFloe 26 kun oldin
@Chugz he stopped making Bad Unboxing videos
Chugz 26 kun oldin
I don’t get it
lukes401k Oy oldin
I love how Ian automatically went to break the “phone”
Sandeep Charugundla
Sandeep Charugundla Oy oldin
Too much editing for the foetus attention span
lobsternaut Oy oldin
2:11 "youre about 2 months to early"
resiprocity Oy oldin
I miss this
Gnossienne Gymnopedie
Gnossienne Gymnopedie Oy oldin
Cam Letson
Cam Letson Oy oldin
Rip bad unboxing💔. F in the chat boys
a o
a o Oy oldin
@Cooper Hawkins fuck
Cooper Hawkins
Cooper Hawkins Oy oldin
@a o two days ago, you were invited but I guess you couldn’t make it
a o
a o Oy oldin
@Cooper Hawkins damn, when was the funeral
Cooper Hawkins
Cooper Hawkins Oy oldin
@a o bad unboxing got into a car crash and died
a o
a o Oy oldin
What happened
Gabe Gonzalez
Gabe Gonzalez Oy oldin
The shut up and fuck me hat fucking killded me
MunkoMan Oy oldin
8:45 complete cap
Samuool Oy oldin
We need more of these
Person that has a Demon days profile pic
Person that has a Demon days profile pic Oy oldin
4:51 *s o c i e t y*
Taybug2002 2 oy oldin
Haven’t watched him in years... I click and he looks like a discount Mr.Beast 😂
Jonas Nuttbrock
Jonas Nuttbrock 2 oy oldin
U look nasty AF. I
ramenmantis 2 oy oldin
Megawomp 2 oy oldin
Just ball up, and die 😂 quote of the century
BeanSproot 2 oy oldin
wait wtf I thought this video was more recent with the mask but then I realized that this was over a year ago. W T F ? !
Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston 2 oy oldin
hopefully he saved that mask
DREAMS 2 oy oldin
New flash dumbass bakugou is mha not naruto but I’ll let it slide
DREAMS Oy oldin
@a o i know that
a o
a o Oy oldin
I think that was the joke sir
Play with the nine then I close my eyes
Play with the nine then I close my eyes 2 oy oldin
No Bad Unboxing in 2020 this year can't get any worse.
gummy 14
gummy 14 2 oy oldin
Little does he know he’ll use that mask In like 4 months
OniBurei 2 oy oldin
Your profile picture is really fucking great
notshibi 2 oy oldin
i love how someone just sent him some kratom and he just kinda chucked it this mans dont like le drugs lmao
loser olives
loser olives 2 oy oldin
8:02 are you ready to get shrekieeeeeeee
Cookiebird606 SS
Cookiebird606 SS 2 oy oldin
Porno stash
Joe Winkler
Joe Winkler 2 oy oldin
Ashy’s Stuff Collection
Ashy’s Stuff Collection 2 oy oldin
2:53 jokes on u I can actually solve it Edubz
BIGIN_CHUNGUS 2 oy oldin
BIGIN_CHUNGUS 2 oy oldin
Megistosz 2 oy oldin
I miss you Man...
Megistosz 2 oy oldin
I mean. I miss this series.
TitiGaming HyperT
TitiGaming HyperT 2 oy oldin
you can tell he was aware of corona
Combine Elite Assassin
Combine Elite Assassin 2 oy oldin
Remember when someone gave you uranium, and you were “diagnosed” with cancer.
Hi No U
Hi No U 2 oy oldin
The cat anime face mask is why COVID happened
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 2 oy oldin
Beautiful ending as always
Cal Parker
Cal Parker 2 oy oldin
Whoever sent him the mask is subtly implying that they r from the future
GrimHunter 2 oy oldin
Randomest 2 oy oldin
“if you guys are old subscribers” **gains 20 years on the spot**
John Baker
John Baker 2 oy oldin
That guy who gave him the anime mask of what ever it was is from the future
Zachery Mulch
Zachery Mulch 2 oy oldin
Are you ok
ADR Fryxtion
ADR Fryxtion 2 oy oldin
my guy got a face mask in 2019
Landon Vrobel
Landon Vrobel 2 oy oldin
That dog bowl would be good for Fiona
Cheese 2 oy oldin
Idubbz has crab floaty daddy vibe
A random Jojo fan
A random Jojo fan 2 oy oldin
1:18 *The fake-depressed 14 year old girl:*
Kat Smith
Kat Smith 2 oy oldin
That shit was as shroomish dipshit they don’t have those in gen 1
Sean Radkowski
Sean Radkowski 2 oy oldin
He was prepared for Covid-19
DinoNuggieVR_TikTok 149
DinoNuggieVR_TikTok 149 2 oy oldin
Naruto...SA-ASUKE....BAKUGO! 😂
Cabral 2 oy oldin
The mask... Idubbbz was trying to warn us about the corona virus.
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