"LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtS"

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Planters peanut company decided to piss me off today by filling my mixed nut jars with a lot of peanuts. I don't know if you've ever had this exact sort of problem, but if you have.....sounds about WHIIITE!!! hahaha, just a little joke there XD

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Yes Yes
Yes Yes 13 soat oldin
There’s a average of 49.54%
DAN_THE_MEME_MAN yeetskeetreetdelete
DAN_THE_MEME_MAN yeetskeetreetdelete 18 soat oldin
police announcement if you see this man within 100 miles of any school call the police instantly
Theswad901 Kun oldin
1:33 Anybody else think that sound sounds familiar?
nko. 4 kun oldin
you should have counted every single nut to have seen the number percentage too
TheDukeOfDishSoap 6 kun oldin
Why did I read this as " lEsS tHaN 50% pEnIs "
Nothing nothing
Nothing nothing 7 kun oldin
he was right
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran 11 kun oldin
lol, Noice
Ian León Carmona
Ian León Carmona 13 kun oldin
"i feel like this is how a virus starts" hummmmm
iggy 13 kun oldin
Dez nuts
bruh big
bruh big 16 kun oldin
Idubbbz straws caused the virus
Salad_Thoughts 16 kun oldin
this is nutty
Finnegan Thompson
Finnegan Thompson 17 kun oldin
Is it just me or does he look like Trevor Phillips? This is not a hate comment I’m just genuinely wondering.
pawsryanTV 19 kun oldin
Did Ian predict Coronavirus?
Iggy 19 kun oldin
If anything this video really just proves how far being pleasant to customer service reps will get you lmao
Jason Shuman
Jason Shuman 21 kun oldin
Super Bowl weekend
Bricezerconi Jackson
Bricezerconi Jackson 21 kun oldin
Hes doing math shit, And informing us. I wonder what other companies are molestering us.
Ice Icicle
Ice Icicle 21 kun oldin
So I'll be less than 50% dead?
aokzi 23 kun oldin
I felt secondhand embarrassment when he was on the phone with the Planter's representative ranting about peanuts
Landon Montgomery
Landon Montgomery 24 kun oldin
He made an excellent presentation about what goes through a Karen’s mind on the daily
Muffins 24 kun oldin
Ian started covid. Thanks a lot dumbass
A_random_peggie _
A_random_peggie _ 24 kun oldin
0:53 how corona started
ConConツ 27 kun oldin
You predicted the virus
eyan pseudonymical surname
eyan pseudonymical surname 27 kun oldin
Travelling in a fried out kombi
dan b
dan b 28 kun oldin
i like beanies too but if you had more hair your head wouldnt get so cold
Oz-10 28 kun oldin
Such a random ass video. And the fact he calls in to complain about it haha
Dimpy2003 AJ
Dimpy2003 AJ 28 kun oldin
this was all a ruse to get an endless supply of free mixed nuts.
Avery Bondeson
Avery Bondeson 29 kun oldin
What's the 10k dislikes lol?
MK Studios
MK Studios Oy oldin
0:55 damn bro
Ginger the 2nd
Ginger the 2nd Oy oldin
Meanwhile, in China...
Shit Eater
Shit Eater Oy oldin
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 Oy oldin
And hats on to minecraft Steve ooh he so be lookin fresh do PFHHH
Andrew SHay
Andrew SHay Oy oldin
1% air. I rest my case
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Oy oldin
0:05 Nice Earthbound Melee remix intro!👌👌
The_Sansinator Oy oldin
Drink it. Drink the straw water.
Spy 2004
Spy 2004 Oy oldin
Ian started corona confirmed
Liam Judd
Liam Judd Oy oldin
how do you make good videos out of the dumbest shit, you are a genius
Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Yoshi Oy oldin
“This is how a virus starts.” A poor choice of words.
Yannik Lohlein
Yannik Lohlein Oy oldin
iDubbbz started Covid confirmed
Conner Carrell
Conner Carrell Oy oldin
You’re a good ass youtuber when you pull 4.9 mil views counting nuts
I take Link's shower advice.
I take Link's shower advice. Oy oldin
LAND DOWN UNDER BABY!!! You do you, Dubbbzy
Ęfførtlèsś Oy oldin
Your videos help me shit in public places 😂😐
Jordan Crooke
Jordan Crooke Oy oldin
i like this editing
Westly W
Westly W Oy oldin
This is how a virus starts.....00:58. this cant be..
Aonair Oy oldin
This is an outrage.
Rico Anthony
Rico Anthony Oy oldin
Idubbbz started covid!!!
John Castellani
John Castellani Oy oldin
So he started the virus.
idiot Oy oldin
Hey Ian (iDubbbz) you could have maybe said.. "deez nuts" haha Joke copyrighted by Jordon D.
far Oy oldin
10:23 she probably thinking 'what a loser lmao'
Simon Lee élève
Simon Lee élève Oy oldin
The virus Joke didn't age well
ryan pritchard
ryan pritchard Oy oldin
they should make a my hero acaimia peanut
Cyficual Oy oldin
BagOLimes Oy oldin
0:55 holy shit he started it
Yankee griff
Yankee griff Oy oldin
That is how the virus started. Now we have COVID
pickle '_'
pickle '_' Oy oldin
You should've pointed out some other unacceptable mistakes Like it should be "fewer" than 50% not "less" than50% And net "mass" not net weight
F.B.I. Oy oldin
*Ian started this hell*
Paul Kirby
Paul Kirby Oy oldin
Fucking nuts
CultCoop Oy oldin
Just bought some of these, they added the asterisk, he fucking influenced planters
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie Oy oldin
We all gonna ignore the "Down Under" opening?
69JMAN420 Oy oldin
I felt so awkward during the phone call
Princess Groose
Princess Groose Oy oldin
Ian, you have nice handwriting.
InstantWaffles Oy oldin
Thanks I watched this.
Mikudayo's YouChube
Mikudayo's YouChube Oy oldin
0:56 is this, is this how the...
Kejjin's Youtube Channel
Kejjin's Youtube Channel Oy oldin
0:54 This was your fault, you caused covid. Haha, funny
John Caldwell
John Caldwell Oy oldin
“I feel like this is how a virus starts” He definitely started Covid
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork Oy oldin
He looks more like he’s gonna steal your kid than usual
jinx Oy oldin
this is fucking hilarious
Jaelin Oy oldin
“I feel like this is how a virus starts” edups did corona confirmed
Sol Sanguis
Sol Sanguis Oy oldin
“Fucky Brazil nuts” Cashews? Are you talking about cashews? I mean I am Brazilian and go to many Brazilian gatherings so I often drink cashew juice and eat cashews sometimes and like they aren’t that great but like huh??
Drive Oy oldin
What have you become
Cheyenne Bates
Cheyenne Bates Oy oldin
Ian is the only man I know who can get nearly five million views by talking about peanuts
Joshua Mccabe
Joshua Mccabe Oy oldin
It was not the Chinese that made COVED19 it was fucking Ian all over a science experiment 😢
Brood 11
Brood 11 Oy oldin
How to get an infinite supply of mixed nuts
An Amusing Idiot
An Amusing Idiot Oy oldin
This is the ideal angrier white man.
Jolie Olie
Jolie Olie Oy oldin
press ctrl+F and type "virus". thats the amount of people that think theyre unique
C P Oy oldin
Pov: the neighborhood creepy guy has you locked in his basement
Mysticalhams Oy oldin
At the start of the video should of drank it and let it sit in your stomach for 90 days
plosmo Oy oldin
Anthony N
Anthony N Oy oldin
If this video was on any other persons channel I wouldn't watch it.
Longest Schlong
Longest Schlong Oy oldin
0:54 Idubbbz you need to do a reverse straw experiment to create a vaccine for COVID
ArtypNk Oy oldin
This is some stepdad shit. It's such a stepdad shit to be fucking doing peanut experiments in the basement while rambling about it and then calling the places to complain over it.
Wanna be Retro
Wanna be Retro Oy oldin
This is how corona started
The Cooldog
The Cooldog Oy oldin
0:55 this *did not* age well
Mr. Thicc man
Mr. Thicc man Oy oldin
So thats where corona started from. A jar of straws
XGBS4L Oy oldin
Idubbz started corona
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson Oy oldin
edups started the corona virus
bella barb
bella barb Oy oldin
you seem like you just discovered adderall
RussianCow Oy oldin
Ah this is where covid came from
Drew Neff
Drew Neff Oy oldin
Ian made Covid lmao
Markus Dupree
Markus Dupree Oy oldin
0:30 what’s that song ?
RancidPete Oy oldin
man at work - down under
MythicalHaven Oy oldin
ColdHeartMusic Prod.
ColdHeartMusic Prod. Oy oldin
For a long hecking second I thought the tripods in the background on the right were AK-47s I am starting to become stupider by watching his videos.
ScubaJoe YT
ScubaJoe YT Oy oldin
I would like to ask why you did this Why did he do this why?
Oliver h man
Oliver h man Oy oldin
This is the definition of insanity and I love it
123 321
123 321 Oy oldin
9:24 karen levels increasing
Leo Hood
Leo Hood Oy oldin
0:56 I guess all that went on in Wuhan were lies.
Geoff Oy oldin
They say less because it's by mass
Ryan Wilcox
Ryan Wilcox Oy oldin
This is how you start a virus 😂
MysticWizard Oy oldin
0:53 *That didn’t age well...*
Roy Dummy
Roy Dummy Oy oldin
When I first saw this video I laughed when he mentioned a virus... and here we are, I'm no longer laughing
ζξζ ι ζξζ
ζξζ ι ζξζ Oy oldin
He just started corona with this
Can you pay for a better meme?
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