Ice Cream Man

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Smoothie Madness Full Ep:
Ice Cream Man book (by Dax Flame):
Nick Lutsko (Outro Song):
Brett Benowitz: brettbenowitz
@Uncle Dane - cameraman and editor
@SoundSmith - sound editing and Smoothie Madness theme
@Yahiamice - Smoothie Madness graphics
Ben Zimmer - 2nd cameraman and lore-apprentice ( bentozeee)
Huge thanks to:
@Smosh Pit - @Courtney Miller - @AnthonyPadilla - @TayZonday - @jacksfilms - @William Osman
Michael Aranda - Dax Flame Bo Burnham Interview
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This video is about Daxflame. He is known for his role in 21 Jump Street, Project X, and his UZpost channel. He has written and published two books. He’s an actor, writer, comedian, and a cool dude.

Crow of Ill-Will
Crow of Ill-Will 2 soat oldin
"I thought I knew things about fruits I dont." -Brett One of the nicest strangers to meet.
Dutch van Der Linde
Dutch van Der Linde 3 soat oldin
This man was an ARG but better.
quereyhan 9 soat oldin
Brett is an absolute Chad.
James Buckleman
James Buckleman 10 soat oldin
the game show is actually super funny
AssholePatrol 14 soat oldin
Can we please get more documentaries like this one?
Mikk Teder
Mikk Teder 16 soat oldin
y'all watch youtube?
jukkasc2 Kun oldin
Cautionary tale: Have skills (fall back plan).
Zandric Tan
Zandric Tan 3 kun oldin
53 minutes of pain
iatneh 3 kun oldin
I cringe so hard at the smoothie madness part
Dolphin Man
Dolphin Man 3 kun oldin
Bruh Ian your documentaries are your best vids, they are so good
LucaHehe 3 kun oldin
Laughed so hard at the end i woke my demon up
Lance Daniel
Lance Daniel 3 kun oldin
I feel like the asshole of the comment section but I do not hope he gets that boost cause first you kinda have to have something to offer to begin with and while that worked back then it obviously doesn't work now when you covered airsoftfatty he wasn't searching for anything he was just in the moment enjoying whatever card was dealt him and this guy I don't know think he got more then what he should of its like trying to keep a flame lit on damp wood it won't be for long or it won't at all and this guy got his 5 minutes of fame but what the hell was he gonna do to keep it lit? Lol I don't know maybe I missed the point completely someone elaborate and give me their input
Helicopter Rides For Communists
Helicopter Rides For Communists 3 kun oldin
I mean, theres a role or perfect fit for him out there somewhere.
Butterfly Toast
Butterfly Toast 3 kun oldin
god le
god le 3 kun oldin
You need to do one of these with Chris Chan
Small Black Man
Small Black Man 4 kun oldin
Yall like Minecraft
jacob hilderman
jacob hilderman 4 kun oldin
“Brett, you won second place!”
Iggy 4 kun oldin
This video is a trip, would be super interesting to pick his brain, same with edupps. Great work on the video
LITTLE MAN 4 kun oldin
y’all watch youtube?
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan 5 kun oldin
This guy's a literal robot........ I LOVE IT!
Sir Realism
Sir Realism 5 kun oldin
To be honest if i were on this show id be in fear of my life. Like its prime horror movie setup. Im probably gonna get my hand in the blender I know it.
BriPancake 5 kun oldin
Man fuck those people at the park or whatever and on the blvd!! How are they so fine being so rude!!! I could NEVER in cali lmao the south is friendlier 😳
TYLER N TYLA 5 kun oldin
Yall like minecraft??
Gerd Gang
Gerd Gang 6 kun oldin
this is actual brilliance behind it all... this game show is so compelling yet so awkward. Dax is exactly what they said , andy of YT - for real. Goodjob IDubbz , great stuff as always.
Martin Brenes
Martin Brenes 6 kun oldin
Thank you so much for the " mistook authenticity for awkwardness" part. There was nothing awkward in the way dax is or acts in general but on how often he'd find himself saying im sorry when acknowledging that the others are not quite on the same page. That was a nice thing you've said ian.
Rivers Stork
Rivers Stork 7 kun oldin
ian is the best fucking director for documentaries on yt rn, other than oliver tree
Rivers Stork
Rivers Stork 7 kun oldin
ive seen this guy befre i saw the vid 0-0 was hoping youd make a vid lol. saw his superman shirt vid lol
Andy Sawers
Andy Sawers 7 kun oldin
Andy Kaufman hold my beer
Nicholas Vogel
Nicholas Vogel 7 kun oldin
THE WINE KONE! DAXFLAME? This is my favorite era of UZpost.
Moose Olini
Moose Olini 7 kun oldin
*I T ' S A L L T I E D U P*
zach danford
zach danford 8 kun oldin
Dude excellent job to you and madison. Great documentary
bbababonbon..bonfire! 8 kun oldin
He's comes across so uncomfortably genuine. He totally owns his awkwardness to the point where I am unable to deny that what I find awkward about him, is because of my prejudices, fears, biases, expectation of what it means to be confident, cool, funny youtube celebrity/influencer etc. And then I realize ... the dude's not awkward, he is just extremely genuine and clear-headed. 0 doubts in his head! I am actually blown away, because he made me realize that I have an extremely biased template in my mind of what it means to be confident, clear-headed, honest and what such a person would look like. He made me look at my own perception and opened my mind slightly... or atleast made me think that life does not have to be too complicated and chaotic...
Dr Puggles
Dr Puggles 8 kun oldin
Sabatoge in the book hahahaha it’s Sabotage
LTD_Chedo 2
LTD_Chedo 2 8 kun oldin
I would love this game show
gawr 8 kun oldin
i’m here make smoothie and i love smoothie :)
zillagramwiches 8 kun oldin
hit me up for ep2 im a DIT
American Pride
American Pride 9 kun oldin
I really wish there were more documentaries from idubbz. The Airsoft Fatty one and this were so good, and theyre the only two ones
Kev 9 kun oldin
That's the housekeeping gal for the Game Grumps
Makarov Balaski
Makarov Balaski 9 kun oldin
Ian is such a champ I guarantee you dax really liked the experience of having his game show this is a very strange awkward wholesome
Makarov Balaski
Makarov Balaski 9 kun oldin
Ahaha finding out idubz is just as awkward as him is hilarious
Makarov Balaski
Makarov Balaski 9 kun oldin
Had no idea Dax was those movie characters Jesus
Tío chocman Banana Espinoza
Tío chocman Banana Espinoza 9 kun oldin
I'd tackle him if this fucking joker wannabe approached me in the street asking me bizarre shit like that XD But I'd like to be in the program though
Tiny Girl
Tiny Girl 9 kun oldin
This guy making the smoothie was so funny.
sfsv fsvgdevg
sfsv fsvgdevg 9 kun oldin
why does he remind of joker without the makeup on?
Filthy Fish
Filthy Fish 9 kun oldin
God damn this man is charming as shit
Real 9 kun oldin
i like the idea of the gameshow nothing wrong with it or its contestiance, but it was kinda awkward to watch and there where times where they where like what am i suppose to do
[insert name here]
[insert name here] 10 kun oldin
If i worked on the set of smoothie madness I would constantly be interrupting with laughter
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 10 kun oldin
i love brett so much
Brit Brat
Brit Brat 11 kun oldin
Any questions 🤣
Brit Brat
Brit Brat 11 kun oldin
Leticia was kicking Brett ass lol
Brit Brat
Brit Brat 11 kun oldin
Okay here is the movie idea: a socially awkward ex UZpost star now working in an ice cream shop becomes motivated to quit his job to become a game show host! Lol now that’s funny!!!!
Brit Brat
Brit Brat 11 kun oldin
It’s the background music during the sabatoge chapter for me!!!! 🤣
Nick Gaite
Nick Gaite 11 kun oldin
bro he should play like the joker in a movie or sum, or would that ruin it. lol
James Lewis
James Lewis 12 kun oldin
Brett is the MVP by far
Badabababa 12 kun oldin
this man knows
antargaming 12 kun oldin
Bret was really good
aaron parkins
aaron parkins 12 kun oldin
Make more videos with him y’all are the perfect pair I swear
Anthony reieo
Anthony reieo 12 kun oldin
37:00 and on is fucking hilarious "pick three" okay you guys can share all of them
John 12 kun oldin
this sucked
killacamGG 12 kun oldin
The smoothie show was hard to watch.. lol
ADLXR ARTHUR 13 kun oldin
bretts first big break as an actor
Jonas Kolousek
Jonas Kolousek 13 kun oldin
“Thanks for tuning into smoothie madness next week we hope to see you next week “
Gabriel Batista
Gabriel Batista 13 kun oldin
22:53 Brazilian boys
Jenny Smithsin
Jenny Smithsin 13 kun oldin
petty is my queen
amelia sometimes
amelia sometimes 14 kun oldin
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya 14 kun oldin
Little did Brett know this would be his life from then on
piyush 14 kun oldin
good video
Breton 15 kun oldin
Act like Brett isn’t Lil Dicky in disguise
OdysseyK 15 kun oldin
shit video later disliked
Jacob J
Jacob J 15 kun oldin
Omg I was fucking cracking up at 11:01
Joel Bäckman
Joel Bäckman 15 kun oldin
6:36 Europe is a goddamn continent, pal. Stop acting like it's a country. My country and Italy are like night and day, and they are both in Europe. We have reindeer running on the roads, ice roads, gnomes, and people traveling around the city on cross-country skies. Italy is so hot I cant even imagine it, and they have bullfighting and castles. Saying that you went to Europe is about as vague as saying that you went to Earth.
CrippleCrowx 15 kun oldin
i get serious andy kaufman vibes from him
ya boi
ya boi 16 kun oldin
brett seems like that one camp counselor we all had at one point who was just super cool and chill and didnt treat us like little kids but instead like his peers
ya boi
ya boi 16 kun oldin
best game show of all time
Incogneato 16 kun oldin
joker ( 2019 )
AnDoGtv 16 kun oldin
The Smoothie Game Show!!!!!
Logan Faulkner
Logan Faulkner 16 kun oldin
This interveiw was like a zoom breakout room
Danny Whitmore
Danny Whitmore 17 kun oldin
Funniest thing iv ever seen the smoothie challenge ahahahha
the obscure gamer
the obscure gamer 17 kun oldin
it looks like hes gonna renact breaking bad
BroI'mStraightUpNot HavingAGoodTime
BroI'mStraightUpNot HavingAGoodTime 17 kun oldin
Komrade 17 kun oldin
Invite badlands chugs to be the referee for round 2
Auto70Galaxy 17 kun oldin
WTF this is the guy from project x. My mind is blown right now xD
Joel Petersson
Joel Petersson 17 kun oldin
yall like minecraft?
Dax Elliott
Dax Elliott 17 kun oldin
omg my name being used in a video , way more than once kinda lowkey freaks me out , and also I bet he’s gay
shem miller
shem miller 18 kun oldin
Dax, trying to convince lady to compete. Ian *Yall like minecaft?*
Phlacc 18 kun oldin
I didn't expect much from this documentary. I was a huge fan of Dax Flames when he was on youtube, and even got excited when I would see him in movies, so I gave this a chance. And wow, was this ever amazing to watch! I was actually sad when it ended, I could have done 2 hours of this. The smoothie game show was very intersting and could actually see this working on a small scale, like youtube. Good job to iDubbz and Dax! Wish I could see more. Update: Dax is on tiktok! @thedaxflame
Dubu Dubu
Dubu Dubu 18 kun oldin
Ian should make a documentary about chris chan
Eli M
Eli M 18 kun oldin
Im gonna go ahead and call it, Serial Killer
Gleqy 18 kun oldin
22:07 hit harder than Saitama
Max P.C
Max P.C 18 kun oldin
This is perfect. Like it seems like a perfect movie
Van Edi
Van Edi 19 kun oldin
Darth Cringe
Mudd Bear
Mudd Bear 19 kun oldin
I'd like to order all game shows this awkward please!
bobafettdead 19 kun oldin
How come all the music sounds like something out of a Quentin Tarentio movie
Whitney 19 kun oldin
This is fantastic.
J R Animation Studios
J R Animation Studios 19 kun oldin
This guy is literally Arthur Fleck
prod. Mike Hill
prod. Mike Hill 20 kun oldin
6:09 LOL
Rafael565 20 kun oldin
Man, that's depresseve
J V 20 kun oldin
He is so wholesome
Collected Happy3
Collected Happy3 20 kun oldin
i love your videos the documentaries are some of my favorites. keep on keeping on man.
Critical Thoughts
Critical Thoughts 21 kun oldin
Dax is a alien left here and is forced to go full force.
Full Force
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