I Tried Starting A Roadkill Removal Business (What Happened)

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Thanks to my friends, @maxmoefoePokemon @I did a thing @Boyinaband @William Osman for helping me start this Roadkill Removal Business.
I'm truly sorry for not paying you. Once we run the ads, maybe some money will start coming in..I hope...
Thanks to the bunnings employees and the baby bunting employees for being very cool people.

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Reck 9 soat oldin
Better be careful or else discovery channel will pick this up
TheBlueLobster 07
TheBlueLobster 07 2 kun oldin
Do you support the KKK the Krispy Koala Kleanup
Alpaka Peruwiański
Alpaka Peruwiański 10 soat oldin
Shroom Sakai
Shroom Sakai 3 kun oldin
i don't remember this episode of breaking bad
ultimate weeb
ultimate weeb 4 kun oldin
your nose looks like it has downs
COXXCOCK 5 kun oldin
2:38 dude looks like brad pitt in inglorious basterds
Soundwave 13 kun oldin
Does Dave not do any collabs with Dan Bull anymore?
Knysiek 14 kun oldin
"You kill 'em, we klean 'em"
Iggy 14 kun oldin
"should we put our uniforms on?" lmaooo
big boy
big boy 20 kun oldin
Idubbbz is the Walter white of the road kill cleaners
Connor Walton gaming
Connor Walton gaming 21 kun oldin
5:15 that’s a lorikeet
TheTimeReaper 21 kun oldin
As they say ian, Everything in australia wants to kill you.
TheTimeReaper 21 kun oldin
Fucken anatasia man, Scotty pissing off on holidays. 2020 was not a good year for here alright
bib bicus
bib bicus 24 kun oldin
Click bait. Disappointed.
evan 25 kun oldin
damn max gained some weight
Bellathekid 25 kun oldin
wow, ian really gave everyone covid-19 and cuz no one knew what coronavirus was (since it was barely before everyone started social isolating) they diagnosed him with the flu.
utbdoug 26 kun oldin
Ian was wearing a Chinese mask.. Then he got the flu.. In January 2020.. Almost RIP iDoopzVD
serbia number one the best
serbia number one the best 26 kun oldin
Hazmat Lλd
Hazmat Lλd 27 kun oldin
You missed the opportunity to say, Max is looking over to make sure we don't become the road kill.
dan b
dan b 28 kun oldin
Nolan Mockry
Nolan Mockry 28 kun oldin
Those suits are made out of tissue paper. That is all.
KTOWN KILLAZ 28 kun oldin
How did they not learn after the first time they filmed with dead birds?
KTOWN KILLAZ 6 kun oldin
@Verfolger Oh boy we got a real piece of shit over here
Verfolger 6 kun oldin
English please...
micahw64 29 kun oldin
so they got corona apparently
Gypsyblood777 29 kun oldin
Idubbbz tries to get the band back together with a slight lineup change 😂
Andrewmonster 99
Andrewmonster 99 Oy oldin
11:58 :patient zero
Riski Rills
Riski Rills Oy oldin
just ask your girlfriend, onlyfans money
Shootie Oy oldin
max said they all got together to film but everyone ended up getting sick and may have got covid
Login Tracker
Login Tracker Oy oldin
Who's here when Cold Ones said Ian probably started the first case of Covid for Australia
Breadman0123 Oy oldin
and maxmoefoe main channel was supposed to make a comeback too. bruh moment
Knox Eagar
Knox Eagar Oy oldin
This is like all of my favorite youtubers in one place
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Oy oldin
u can go ahead and quit youtube as long as you keep us updated on your always sunny business ideas
Josh Hudson
Josh Hudson Oy oldin
Super speader
Term T 800
Term T 800 Oy oldin
I wonder if he really got the flu or if it was covid in disguise
Cl0akedD4gger Oy oldin
So Idubbz started the coronavirus
Kevin Oy oldin
That wasn’t the flu. Ian totally started covid
no u
no u Oy oldin
I love how Ian is wearing a hat and jacket in Australia
Gergő Gaál
Gergő Gaál Oy oldin
All the accents are in this video
TioMostFrio Oy oldin
Wow you got a flu in January. I wonder if you had the Rona way back then.
Xenophon Oy oldin
maybe ian got covid
Yaller Oy oldin
u got the VIRUS is what u got.
Ze Bloody Axol
Ze Bloody Axol Oy oldin
I love these
TheIgors20 Oy oldin
Lmao, dude literally gave his friends a flu booster before the Rona shut everything down.
Sor9ry Oy oldin
Should've made a cake or pie with the parakeet. 🤓 Then you can sell the pie
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley Oy oldin
This is my daily 'taking a dump' video
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley Oy oldin
Don't you click bate me! I will make so many chest fart videos and spam you with them. I also have one where Shapiro is stuffing a turkey
liam quaas
liam quaas Oy oldin
Anyone else think he had covid?
David Hauseman
David Hauseman Oy oldin
Covid-19 started here.
adam haywood
adam haywood Oy oldin
unseen Spaulding Decon footage
Wat Up
Wat Up Oy oldin
You should have started a cult
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Oy oldin
Alex looks like he has acromegaly
HumanNerd Oy oldin
when are we getting a part 2 idooop?
Jenna Oy oldin
Dude, you probably had Covid lmao
ScubaJoe YT
ScubaJoe YT Oy oldin
Jay Evans
Jay Evans Oy oldin
FTP [(including content cop) sorry] and F UZpost
Bahlahkae Oy oldin
Was it influenza B or Corona?
Mc Toad
Mc Toad Oy oldin
cross over of the century
Scaramouche Fandango
Scaramouche Fandango Oy oldin
11:58 the peak of it all
Bradley Bass
Bradley Bass Oy oldin
that has to be howwtobasic with the beard right
Fill MCmasonlin
Fill MCmasonlin Oy oldin
they shoud hire filthy frank to cook it
Ordonity Oy oldin
The roadkill should try camming
Forrest Howard
Forrest Howard Oy oldin
Full hazmat suits but no gloves 😂😂
KRAK3N 0 Oy oldin
I can’t believe nobody who saw them on the side of the road thought that they were KKK members
Andrei L.
Andrei L. Oy oldin
The flu lol
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas Oy oldin
Dude had the rona at the end
SupremeGioo Oy oldin
The well-made trick monthly damage because time conjecturally alert during a short window. unequaled, squeamish windscreen
Phatdoink Oy oldin
The way max is sitting in the intro is turning me on
LukeForPuns Oy oldin
PETA might want a crew to dispose of all their “extra” animals...
Anon the-third
Anon the-third Oy oldin
God damn max got fat as hell
MvK Stoner
MvK Stoner Oy oldin
Is that CorpsHusband on the right in the car ? Listen to the voice
CrittingOut Oy oldin
0:53 the liberal's think so too!
Thegn Penrose
Thegn Penrose Oy oldin
This caused coronavirus
jt_ hford5575
jt_ hford5575 Oy oldin
Ian playing it well wearing a mask in jan
Enrique Valdez
Enrique Valdez Oy oldin
Who is the ugly bitch in the back seat with red hair
Elizabeth Swinburne
Elizabeth Swinburne 2 oy oldin
Joji should be here
Suyash K.
Suyash K. 2 oy oldin
All those who searched for KKK and white uniforms are disappointed
happydappyman 2 oy oldin
Wait, did Idubbbz admit masks don't work? This really isn't china
Connor Blair
Connor Blair 2 oy oldin
If this was an actual advert I would hire them on the spot
Greta Hunt
Greta Hunt 2 oy oldin
I’m so glad we only got to see one dead animal. RIP That poor unfortunate lorikeet. I can handle seeing people getting burned alive any day but seeing dead animals especially parrots really destroys my chemically controlled mood and it’s a bitch to get it under control again!
Sinistrality 2 oy oldin
Damn Chad became a hunk of a man and Joji became less Asian and more like a married 30 year old inventor.
ReavieYT 2 oy oldin
Matias 2 oy oldin
Ian probs had covid at the time of this vid and no one knew bc it was so new
Homicidal Caterpillar
Homicidal Caterpillar 2 oy oldin
Has it really been 7months of diaper faces
Tristan 2 oy oldin
G Dub
G Dub 2 oy oldin
Haha u got Covid
Midnight storytime
Midnight storytime 2 oy oldin
Why are you doing limited liability company
Chris Beall
Chris Beall 2 oy oldin
Oooo I forgot that Australia doesn’t do that corona virus bullshit anymore :D imma move there
Alexis Summers
Alexis Summers 2 oy oldin
4:22 this looks like The Three Stooges if they were just cracked up
Migdalia Convery
Migdalia Convery 2 oy oldin
little does Ian know he has to wear that mask for the rest of the year
Combine Elite Assassin
Combine Elite Assassin 2 oy oldin
During the apocalypse, his Australian road kill company became the town in mad max.
Connor Sage
Connor Sage 2 oy oldin
ollie coles
ollie coles 2 oy oldin
100 $ if u clean my nan up of the side of the road
Nathan Blake
Nathan Blake 2 oy oldin
*Florida* this is my kind of biessness
One Guy One Jar's, One Lover: ME
One Guy One Jar's, One Lover: ME 2 oy oldin
I wonder if they realise how much they all seem like serial killers
Archer Dan
Archer Dan 2 oy oldin
When all the neighbor’s kid do their first business project:
Wasser WarHammer
Wasser WarHammer 2 oy oldin
Gladys is pleased
Goblins Stream Vault
Goblins Stream Vault 2 oy oldin
Perfect timing Gob I Smacked a Dab too hot and just coughed my lung out 🫁😭
Jonas Alspaugh
Jonas Alspaugh 2 oy oldin
Ian didn’t get the Flu, he got COVID from the bird
Hemang Sarkar
Hemang Sarkar 2 oy oldin
0:51 "Magpie"
Happy _ Gamer
Happy _ Gamer 2 oy oldin
4:38 AC/DC 2.0
Gooseman 2 oy oldin
If I saw these fuckers on the road doing this with my own eyes I would think I was either dreaming or on LSD
wurstbrotmitbutter 2 oy oldin
This was completely retarded
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 2 oy oldin
Boy in the band hasn't posted in a while and then he just shows up in a Idubz video haha love it
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