I HAVE A SMALL PACKAGE!! - Bad unboxing

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i love you guys. I am almost at the end of the packages. I have stopped opening letters on video because it takes too much time, in case u didnt know. but let me assure you. they are sweet, kind, and ummm CRINGY
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Colton Shiell
Colton Shiell 9 soat oldin
That room is... just trashed.
Wissle 2 kun oldin
8:08 lmao. If you don't need that, I'll gladly take it off your hands :P
Cen 11 soat oldin
Hol up
Brandy Sewell
Brandy Sewell 8 kun oldin
Papaoofoof 12 kun oldin
Do you think his room smells?
Chad Roeder
Chad Roeder 14 kun oldin
Context ruined you, lol.
comic-lover 339
comic-lover 339 15 kun oldin
ya'll stop hating! this man and filthy frank made my childhood. idubbbz, I fucking love you too!!!
Rosario Guzmán
Rosario Guzmán 16 kun oldin
That description is so cute, i never noticed it before and it warmed my heart lol
xenny 17 kun oldin
hello people sorting comments to new
FaZe johnny
FaZe johnny 18 kun oldin
When you play the humanica I was like that's pretty good
Joshua Chamberlain
Joshua Chamberlain 18 kun oldin
His house is turning into Jesse Pinkman's apartment when all the crackheads lived in it.
Genevieve Delgadillo
Genevieve Delgadillo 20 kun oldin
6:53 heres where he starts to look like a real crackehead that roams around santa monica and has a cat on a leash.
James May
James May 20 kun oldin
6:56 🧐
BroThisGameTrash YT
BroThisGameTrash YT 21 kun oldin
8:17 OK so I’ve actually seen this shirt in an episode of cobra Kai it’s basically a TV show sequel to the 1980s karate kid movies and this little boy maybe like 13 wears the shirt and whoever dressed them like that like the costume person I just want to choke
MarkTheOddOne 23 kun oldin
Child Get In The Jar
MarkTheOddOne 23 kun oldin
No a jar
MarkTheOddOne 23 kun oldin
Can I see a kid in a bucket
Laurens Petri
Laurens Petri 28 kun oldin
4:27 how the meteors extinct
Mango The bird
Mango The bird 29 kun oldin
If their were pennies on the ground it would be the exact representation of a high schooler
Matsuda Industries
Matsuda Industries Oy oldin
Strangest episode of Cody's Lab I have ever seen
Potion Seller
Potion Seller Oy oldin
hugh janus
hugh janus Oy oldin
I think you've mixed up a couple of episodes there.
Gillanator Oy oldin
I have a feeling this is where the saga ended bois
Lunarcat Oy oldin
small packages are fun
Essense of Stupid
Essense of Stupid Oy oldin
This was the production value episode
Zach M
Zach M Oy oldin
That zoboomafoo tank top was the win
Axel Ferrer
Axel Ferrer Oy oldin
Cooper Garr
Cooper Garr Oy oldin
Clean your room dude holy fuck
Get Pooped On
Get Pooped On Oy oldin
This was one year ago 😂
sabotabo Oy oldin
lookin like hirohito in that thumbnail
Aiden Aidenen
Aiden Aidenen Oy oldin
Idubbz: Eww this shit is disgusting! Let’s open it to see how disgusting it is *opens it* oh no it’s horrible!
Samuel Freeman
Samuel Freeman Oy oldin
shirt: "THE FUTURE IS FEMALE" idubbbz: are you trying to piss me off?
PlayerChef Oy oldin
Omg! He actually got the super rare rainbow thin ice
Alex the Gordo
Alex the Gordo Oy oldin
Daxx Lmao
Daxx Lmao Oy oldin
When he pulled out the satan hot sauce I had a flashback of jev
0din God Of Aesir
0din God Of Aesir Oy oldin
steve&clark productions
steve&clark productions Oy oldin
Bro idk how ur ok with getting ur house so dirty for a 10 second clip
Elmo Street
Elmo Street Oy oldin
Why the fuck is johhny depp in a crack house doing a bad unboxing for idubbbz
Liam Gregath
Liam Gregath Oy oldin
You mean underneath
Birch Simon
Birch Simon Oy oldin
Poop pee poo pee poo poo pee. I can rhymed goowd.
Birch Simon
Birch Simon Oy oldin
u should just fake.all.this, .....🤯💣 hint hint. But really kool if u dont.. thanks ian , .I bet yur a nice dood.. fuck cancer godbless
Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins Oy oldin
9:47 Had me fucking rolling lmao
Gillanator Oy oldin
Hahaha good times man
Bendyrulz Oy oldin
Shut up
Anarchy Bee
Anarchy Bee Oy oldin
2021 gang. tear the shit out of me
Emmy Nem
Emmy Nem Oy oldin
Sceance. Lmao
Justin McCauley
Justin McCauley Oy oldin
He forgot to talk about the club penguin card........ wtf
Yoboi Mitt
Yoboi Mitt 2 oy oldin
“You are a beta cock male” continues to where shirt.
A Water Bottle
A Water Bottle 2 oy oldin
The packages he gets is like 100x worse than the comments
vince b
vince b 2 oy oldin
So good to rewatch
escape plan
escape plan 2 oy oldin
When is the next bad unboxing
22b3 2 oy oldin
Rewatching these and Edupes saying "this is such bad asmr" while he has the hiccups, burnt tongue from sauce packet, and fart bombs are going off is peak comedy.
Ethan Jewkes
Ethan Jewkes 2 oy oldin
Why does he own a mask its not 2020 yet...
mnxe qu0ck
mnxe qu0ck 2 oy oldin
what a pussy satans blood? PLEASE TRY A REAPER PEPPER
Kev the chicken
Kev the chicken 2 oy oldin
it disturbs me that hes actually improved the quality of the videos
SupremeGioo 2 oy oldin
The clean ukrainian shortly fire because cry worrisomely trip than a fresh christmas. white, swift ukrainian
Maxwell Mandock
Maxwell Mandock 2 oy oldin
Hahahah the amounts its worth
SmellTheL 2 oy oldin
same :(
BroThisGameTrash YT
BroThisGameTrash YT 2 oy oldin
8:17 dude in cobra Kai there was a kid wearing this and it wasn’t a girl it was a guy and I was so fucking livid because it’s so dumb
fwog boi
fwog boi 2 oy oldin
Yo where can I get that pony body pillow
nipple jutsu sensei.
nipple jutsu sensei. 2 oy oldin
7:02 he looks like he’s in the final stages of cancer.
matthew aschettino
matthew aschettino 2 oy oldin
McGnarles Filmz
McGnarles Filmz 2 oy oldin
It’s kinda hard to take this family friendly when IDubbbz has animal fingers with a knife
Umph 2 oy oldin
Why did he improve his setup so much and get an editor to just do one final episode of BU? I miss this content so much. UZpost is cancer now everyone is gone.
NoMeansNoCosby 2 oy oldin
Let’s be honest. When people send him male sex toys he uses them.... just saying
Gillian Lualhati
Gillian Lualhati 2 oy oldin
am i the only one thought he looks like george in the thumbnail
Spencer Cline-Plummer
Spencer Cline-Plummer 2 oy oldin
"Mom is dead, dad is fat, and cat is gay" I will never forget this line
Devildavis247 2 oy oldin
Ian is a pussy
Hamood Habibi Jr.
Hamood Habibi Jr. 2 oy oldin
A pussy slayer, that is
Tommy Bennett
Tommy Bennett 2 oy oldin
TsunamiFosho 2 oy oldin
cat is gay
Corbin Taylor
Corbin Taylor 2 oy oldin
The comedic timing of the vagina shirt is unreal
Custom Who Sonics By Jedidiah Racine
Custom Who Sonics By Jedidiah Racine 2 oy oldin
i thought u were dead.. congratz
XxConnection UserxX
XxConnection UserxX 2 oy oldin
Can I have that cool pony body pillow one of my friends is those bronys and he said he will pay me 35-45 bucks so
Comedy shorts Gameddd
Comedy shorts Gameddd 3 oy oldin
He’s ahead of the times wearing a face mask
PhatPotato 3 oy oldin
He spent more time setting the scene than actually playing the harmonica
Godzilla Fuzila BR
Godzilla Fuzila BR 3 oy oldin
aaronquit 3 oy oldin
all your unboxing videos are awesome
Lucian Xiong
Lucian Xiong 3 oy oldin
What about the rest of the club penguin cards
Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen 3 oy oldin
Awful unboxing. Terrible unboxing. 👏👏
Zayn Ali
Zayn Ali 3 oy oldin
Why is it whenever I watch a bad unboxing video, I get a princess doll ad below?
meme dawg
meme dawg 3 oy oldin
Someone please send him steve-o hot sauce please
james herkes
james herkes 3 oy oldin
Whens the next bad unboxing
Good channel Name
Good channel Name 3 oy oldin
Fuck you
MTNDEW-Squad 3 oy oldin
We need a jaystation content cop.
Julian Polanco
Julian Polanco 3 oy oldin
Moms dead Dads fat Cats gay Moms spaghetti
Genius At Work
Genius At Work 3 oy oldin
Don't worry Ian. I've never seen one either
Cortney Lewis
Cortney Lewis 3 oy oldin
Yo dudes and dudets. I want to start a new unboxing series. Shoot me a message for my address 🤪
ChiefOfTheDesert 3 oy oldin
Cats gay........ can’t live on anymore
Teodor Gran
Teodor Gran 3 oy oldin
what icon i have bois
Kyle Henson
Kyle Henson 3 oy oldin
1:03 It feels like razor blades though🤣
Bradley Wilcox
Bradley Wilcox 3 oy oldin
We need new bad unboxing videos
Nacho Surpeme
Nacho Surpeme 3 oy oldin
everyone if your trying to find Ian's address if you can, pause the video at 1:56 where it cuts and right before it cuts the blur disappears and you can see the information on the packages.
AW GM 3 oy oldin
Yeah but except the dinosaurs in the dinosaur back a guy walks in with white powder in the dinosaur bag he's like anyone and I'm like what is in that bag he says cocaine can I snort a line
Not Fiona
Not Fiona 3 oy oldin
since when is idubbbz hot ?
ZEED_ALWIN Barth 4 oy oldin
Läs allt! Jag menar det! Läs allt! Om du dödades skulle jag inte vara i din begravning. Jag skulle sitta i fängelse för att ha dödat personen som dödade dig. Vi är sanna vänner. Vi åker tillsammans, vi dör tillsammans. Skicka detta till alla du bryr dig om, inklusive mig, om du bryr dig. Se hur många gånger du får detta. Jag vill att du ska veta att du är en fantastisk vän, tills döden och för evigt. Om jag inte får tillbaka det förstår jag. Men jag har ett spel för dig. När du har läst det här brevet, du måste skicka detta till 15 personer, inklusive mig. Om du får minst tre tillbaka, är du älskad. Ingen vet hur viktigt något är förrän de förlorar det. I kväll (precis klockan 12:00) kommer personen du älskar att inse att de älskar dig. Då, kl. 13.00 till 14.00, var redo för ditt livs chock! Om du bryter den här kedjan har du otur. Skicka detta med kärlek till 15 Om du inte gör det, blir du ful på ett år. En vän sa till mig att göra detta, så vidarebefordra det. I morgon kommer två pojkar / flickor att fråga om de kan jag få ditt nummer? Skicka detta meddelande till 15 trevliga, människor eller otur startar för ett helt år. Det här är inte falskt. Uppenbarligen, om du kopierar och klistrar in det här kommer du att ha den bästa dagen i ditt liv imorgon! Lycka till! åh! Och skicka inte detta till en gruppchatt !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Not Fiona
Not Fiona 3 oy oldin
Antonio Chatzopoulos
Antonio Chatzopoulos 4 oy oldin
What if you put the hot sauce on your balls, and then put your balls in your mouth
Joof 4 oy oldin
Virgin man drinks hot sauce whilst his table explodes.
gemshine gaming
gemshine gaming 4 oy oldin
"Cat is gay" okay maybe I do need that book
Doctor Deimiah
Doctor Deimiah 4 oy oldin
Damn, he's been thinking about those school fundraisers for a long ass time
Don't let hackers touch my account
Don't let hackers touch my account 4 oy oldin
do content cop on goanimate all the channels are hypocrites
Net Ware
Net Ware 4 oy oldin
7:00 predicted his own fate
Rowdy 14
Rowdy 14 4 oy oldin
The Dark Force
The Dark Force 4 oy oldin
Mom died....dads fat....the cat is gay
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