Food mascots I could beat in a fight

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Do you think you could beat these food mascots? Do you think you would win in a fight against me? I honestly doubt any of you could take on me or people of my ilk....just sayin...
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Ace Pena
Ace Pena 6 soat oldin
If the goldfish guy well........ Yeah We crushed him
Boaz Kun oldin
"a rly robust hawaiian person" *proceeds to show a picture of michael reeves*
Zafue 2 kun oldin
If you get mad at Ian pls don’t he’s not mean just doesn’t give a fukkk about anything like actually
Chad Mathews
Chad Mathews 2 kun oldin
I liked your videos until the dumb remarks you made about the history of the whites and natives you kinda went overboard on that 1 ,iam out fuck jaboody dubs videos
Kern 3 kun oldin
"today's video is a return to normalcy" -ian, saying with his bald headphone haircut
coriander we
coriander we 4 kun oldin
At this point Your life is just a documentary of how joker came to be.
Dominic Whiteley
Dominic Whiteley 5 kun oldin
Dude that was a BLACK bear, black bears are scared of anything, step to a grizzly or a polar bear and you'd get folded.
Marcel Orłowski
Marcel Orłowski 6 kun oldin
Walter White really went off the rails.
louismanman4 6 kun oldin
Since when was the subway pedophile a thing
Jaky One
Jaky One 7 kun oldin
He looks like prof
Patrick Griffith
Patrick Griffith 9 kun oldin
Are you trying to be dumber than the dumb viral shit? Boooooooo
Bald Torment
Bald Torment 10 kun oldin
0:43 I thought max was a dude's name
Aquaaa_ 11 kun oldin
"I could beat up a woman" - **iDubbbz**
clone trooper epidsode 3 swamp
clone trooper epidsode 3 swamp 12 kun oldin
the cool-aid mascot would kick my sack
Jesse Dittmer
Jesse Dittmer 14 kun oldin
I think aunt Jemima would rock your shit
Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker 21 soat oldin
Where’s your proof
W S 14 kun oldin
3:48 I feel that
Déàn Van den bergh
Déàn Van den bergh 17 kun oldin
Uhhmmmm why are u bald i can remember that u had Hair and that u made content that's so random what made IT soo good my favourite vids are legit food review with the pickles and that egg one
Harrison The Car Guy
Harrison The Car Guy 18 kun oldin
i could beat betty crocker, but not aunt jemima
Sara Sampaio
Sara Sampaio 18 kun oldin
Zachary 20 kun oldin
It’s skinny Walter White
Gloria Solis
Gloria Solis 20 kun oldin
Ian has cancer again
smoovewon 1
smoovewon 1 20 kun oldin
Ethan Rae
Ethan Rae 20 kun oldin
I thought he had a headset on at the start
LoFi Riven
LoFi Riven 22 kun oldin
idubbbz confirmed 68 years old
Perigee Dynamics
Perigee Dynamics 23 kun oldin
The only hawaiian you know is Michael Reeves and you'd drop that crack head like a tonne of fucking bricks. I actually love Michael Reeves, and don't want to see him hurt at all thank you.
Addly Harrigan
Addly Harrigan 24 kun oldin
Hey! Micheal Vsauce here!
-swim_to_the_moon- 25 kun oldin
4:53 a v e r y p o w e r f u l c r e a t u r e
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston 26 kun oldin
i feel like ian is slowly going insane like britney spears and everyone just watches him from his entertainment while deep down inside he really is going nuts
Edvards Aviks
Edvards Aviks 26 kun oldin
Imagine if the nesquik bunny places the n in your mouth and forces it down your throat, and the all of blood turns into chocolate milk
H Meric
H Meric 27 kun oldin
I love your headset
The Orange
The Orange 27 kun oldin
Good price
Nate Schaefer
Nate Schaefer 27 kun oldin
CinniMon is a digimon
Erfanfani Fani
Erfanfani Fani 29 kun oldin
It has been a long time sense u poasted so poast again u little shit
Davi Bartolomeu
Davi Bartolomeu 29 kun oldin
Everybody gangsta till nesquik rabitt turns ians blood in to chocalate
TY Karlito Fsj
TY Karlito Fsj 29 kun oldin
If history repeats its self
bib bicus
bib bicus Oy oldin
Pringles guy looks like a pugilist from the early 1900s. Pretty sure he would smoke you, mate.
Evan Sarasin
Evan Sarasin Oy oldin
All I could think of was and to the bone
Spice Moja
Spice Moja Oy oldin
0:32 this is the exact moment he became a Simp :))
Walter Slaughter
Walter Slaughter Oy oldin
I think all of them would destroy you
shadow_exposure Oy oldin
by chance can you link the list
Username Not found
Username Not found Oy oldin
Play rivals of either as Ronald and you’ll know what he can do
Jack Mercer
Jack Mercer Oy oldin
0:26 proof that idubbbz is not a simp
Abby Davis
Abby Davis Oy oldin
You forgot burger king
Commander Freezy
Commander Freezy Oy oldin
Proud Pack Of Pringles
Proud Pack Of Pringles Oy oldin
why does he look like his name is fred
BlueBerryy Faygo
BlueBerryy Faygo Oy oldin
Correction: roosters are violent, so they WILL kill you. I'm not kidding.
Mario Plush Films!
Mario Plush Films! Oy oldin
Apple Jacks - They Would Fucking Kill Me! Polar Bear - I Would Wear His Fucking Bones To Shit. Ian Go To Therapy Please.
Top Hatty
Top Hatty Oy oldin
8:20 BADASS!!!!!!!!!
John Green
John Green Oy oldin
What is that format you are using for it and where can I find it?
Kasen Miller
Kasen Miller Oy oldin
a polar bear would whoop your a$$
RogueWarrior627 Oy oldin
lol that’s why ain’t jemima isn’t on the syrup bottles anymore
Grilled Spaget
Grilled Spaget Oy oldin
Yo Ronald McDonald has fucking magic u would get ur ass kicked
LoFi Riven
LoFi Riven Oy oldin
I think the Icee bear might be dangerous given the right circumstances. Bears become very aggressive if you're around their young. I think I'd either scare him off and win or I'd get mauled to shreds, but I think its unlikely that I'd be able to beat him up.
Angel Wallace
Angel Wallace Oy oldin
"its a comercial right i dont think it was real"... bruh half these mascots aint real or all of em my guy
Sans Peter Griffin
Sans Peter Griffin Oy oldin
Jollybee would absolutely kill us all because he a robot
Sans Peter Griffin
Sans Peter Griffin Oy oldin
0:12 rare footage of an American soldier being tortured by Vietcong (1943 Colorized)
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor Oy oldin
@3:41 has nothing to do with anything came outa no where
Barnacle Man
Barnacle Man Oy oldin
0:58 - Notice how the Quaker Oats is easier to beat than the baby
Gavin Blindt
Gavin Blindt Oy oldin
That haircut though
Arizona Ranger With A Big Iron On His Hip
Arizona Ranger With A Big Iron On His Hip Oy oldin
The Lucky Charms Leprechaun would be a draw
Monsterkiller IV
Monsterkiller IV Oy oldin
You would beat Cinnamon and Apple they're tiny
Eli Thompson
Eli Thompson Oy oldin
The Native American women would scalp your head.
Tandy Candy
Tandy Candy Oy oldin
3:38 I thought that was Ethan
Tyler on mars
Tyler on mars Oy oldin
How is this demontised
Jay_The_Batman93 Oy oldin
What video did he get a beats hair cut lmao
EXCL Sam Bo Oy oldin
This was on my recamenfed
Tr3y Oy oldin
Modnobbob69 Xd
Modnobbob69 Xd Oy oldin
Yea idubzz is right we can fucking kill birds I remember stepping on a birds head
DoeTheBro Oy oldin
Man had the F A D E
nkm_23 Oy oldin
Cody Oy oldin
3:43 the genuine rage in Ian's voice tells me that he has had a few undesirable experiences with kids that have scoliosis.
Nikos Loucas
Nikos Loucas Oy oldin
I don’t think clowns get weaker. Because as you have seen, pennywise is 300 years old and took 4 normal sized teens
Henfrig Oy oldin
How did I miss the Katana Zero shirt?!
hey sis
hey sis Oy oldin
Archie Wensley
Archie Wensley Oy oldin
I just want to know the song to be honest, I’ve waited long enough for someone else to ask😂
BuddyGuyFriend Oy oldin
"return to normalcy" doesn't mean the same thing now...
Martin Grinnell
Martin Grinnell Oy oldin
Nesquik rabbit is all the way left. He could literally just turn your blood into chocolate milk instantly.
Sublimed Clamp
Sublimed Clamp Oy oldin
So cool mr. idubbbz! great conetn, but i really want a jakey pauly chonchentchop. please when
Andrew Oy oldin
REEE boy
REEE boy Oy oldin
Remember when his videos where good ya me neither
Gilbert is sped
Gilbert is sped Oy oldin
Remember when his videos were bad, ya me neither
outcast 47
outcast 47 Oy oldin
the cocoa puffs bird is on LSD
Beau Filley
Beau Filley Oy oldin
bro is michael reeves really just a real punchy, that’s gotta be real
LazerBlade Oy oldin
Rewatching, just now I noticed the Katana Zero shirt, Ian has good taste.
darksdemise Oy oldin
ˆå˜ ¥ø¨æ®´ ˜ø† ø˚
Halo Master 222
Halo Master 222 Oy oldin
The vlassic stork brought you into this world and can take you out of it
Bankroll Shawty
Bankroll Shawty Oy oldin
those looked like real headphones when the video just started lol i got fooled
Matthew Marinucci
Matthew Marinucci Oy oldin
I didn't even watch the video and I just saw the title, immediately started laughing at it
the maker of things
the maker of things Oy oldin
a gamer
a gamer Oy oldin
You don't know about the Ronald McDonald video games right
Mr. MadMan
Mr. MadMan Oy oldin
I just realized those headphones are hair
LPG Gaming
LPG Gaming Oy oldin
My Dad’s friend decapitated a swan with a hockey stick, so I can confirm.
aesthetic rex
aesthetic rex Oy oldin
Polar bears, unlike sharks, will gladly hunt and eat humans. They're true maneaters, a title reserved for a select few carnivores like big cats and crocodilians. They're about as smart as the Great Apes, and the largest carnivores on land today. I think the ICEE bear would win against any one of the other mascots. This man just looked at a picture of a polar bear and said, "Yeah, I'd kick his ass."
Larry Smelbutz
Larry Smelbutz Oy oldin
he fears nothing
Aaron jones
Aaron jones Oy oldin
Michael Reeves 😂😂😂😂
Nerd Krusher
Nerd Krusher Oy oldin
Hawaiians are crazy bra
Good Music
Good Music Oy oldin
tbh new Aunt Jemima is alot more muscle, and old Aunt Jemima is more fat
Dark Ryan
Dark Ryan Oy oldin
polar bear would fuck you up idubbbz, sry mate
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 Oy oldin
oh god i just thought of something! what if the nesquic rabbit could turn all the water in your body into chocolate milk
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 Oy oldin
the cinnamon guy is scary cause if cinnamon is basically wood so its an animated creature made entirely of wood. i could beat up the apple cause an apple is softer than flesh... kinda, maybe not actually. but you punch the cinnamon guy and you break your hand
William B.
William B. Oy oldin
3:43 lmaoo
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