DON't TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC - idubbbz complains

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Thanks for watching everyone. The next documentary is filmed, edited. and ready to go online
We did a sponsor in this video so we dont have to put one in the doc. Thanks for understanding!!!!
Yes, i do love me some music, raggea rock, pop, punk, indie, folk, indie folktronica, you name it i love it. I love bands, musical artists, and song & dance.


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Zak Windle
Zak Windle 5 kun oldin
This video is so beige.
vizualnoizz 6 kun oldin
This is so relatable. There's a twitter post that goes like "I don't know any band members I just like sounds" and yeah that's pretty much it, I wanna print that on a card and give it to people who ask me this. Thank you for bringing up this important issue Ian it's a question with no right answer and triggers my fight or flight response every time, it should be considered a social taboo to ask it.
Dominic Boucher
Dominic Boucher 7 kun oldin
Mustache is a bit weird
Finn H
Finn H 7 kun oldin
Same. I hate this question
wowokwow 7 kun oldin
i love that ian is a shakira stan
Tío chocman Banana Espinoza
Tío chocman Banana Espinoza 9 kun oldin
I like anything from Foster The People and K-pop from the year 2000 to fuckin' slipknot and rancid 80ish songs, what the fuck am I supposed to say aside from "I listen to all music, whole thing, every song, you've heard it? I have heard it too, I like it, I listen it every day."
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 10 kun oldin
The moment he shaved that mustache off he got taken off a few FBI watch lists.
yeetameet 11 kun oldin
what music do you like ian ?
Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony 11 kun oldin
I've never met the person who listens to everything but country and rap. I've met people who don't listen to country, and people who don't listen to rap, but all the people in venn diagram intersection there must live somewhere else.
Della R.
Della R. 12 kun oldin
No stache
Darsh 12 kun oldin
Very good call. Lol.
EN1GM4 13 kun oldin
Baby face is best man
L M 14 kun oldin
Legitimately happy I found this video. I’m a huge music nerd and instrumentalist. This video had me reflecting on all the conversations I’ve had about artists and gear, and now that I think about it, those experiences usually always end on a bad note (no pun intended haha). Thanks for speaking up iDubzzz!
sieve5 17 kun oldin
You have a nice face and I can see it better when you don't have facial hair but it looks fine either way. depends on how you feel about it.
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma 17 kun oldin
Shaved is better, like the Kickstarter crap days
YiYi LikeIt
YiYi LikeIt 17 kun oldin
weird flex BUT OK
pewpewkad7 18 kun oldin
Those visuals when he brings up explaining your dreams
Isam Hiraka
Isam Hiraka 19 kun oldin
1:50 What's the background music?
Dottol 20 kun oldin
Respect the Nickelback
Methmal dhananjaya
Methmal dhananjaya 22 kun oldin
fantano : "So I was listening to this Artist his fans : "He is traaaaash.." fantano : "Actually He's pretty good.." fans : "Yeah He is good.."
OhWhoops 24 kun oldin
bring back the stache dawg
Jax3636 25 kun oldin
Seeing that Sadworld hat makes me so happy I know he did a collaboration with them in the past, but still
Roody Tooty
Roody Tooty 25 kun oldin
Raycons are awful
Floris van Leeuwen
Floris van Leeuwen 25 kun oldin
I liked the mustach, it gave your look more character. But you know, you just shaved it so do your thing
Ob scured
Ob scured 26 kun oldin
Die Antwood and the Beatles. Cool stuff.
Ro'jahr the kahjiit
Ro'jahr the kahjiit 26 kun oldin
Mmm that bill wurtz is the best music. Thats all
H Meric
H Meric 27 kun oldin
cool mustach
H Meric
H Meric 27 kun oldin
shouldn't have shaved
Angie Lafranchi
Angie Lafranchi 27 kun oldin
dan b
dan b 28 kun oldin
are those glasses from warby parker? (not sponsored)
Kuramazov 28 kun oldin
I mostly listen to... complicated stuff..
Shamkraffl 28 kun oldin
So at work i got asked. I can't really just say dubstep or like electronic or whatever. Can't really say ever heard of Pizuya's Cell or SIAMES either. So i just listen to pretty much everything. EXCEPT RAP AND COUNTRY.
Josue Rex
Josue Rex 29 kun oldin
Why everyone "hate" Nickelback? Is a serious question!
Alex Szczepaniak
Alex Szczepaniak 29 kun oldin
Get rid of the stache
Jacob Johansson
Jacob Johansson Oy oldin
Team Moustache
Vanderox Oy oldin
I listen to all music except Country & Country.
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz Oy oldin
6:10 isn't that Toby Flenderson from The Office?
Joycinator Sama
Joycinator Sama Oy oldin
My favorite song is Roses/Lotus/Iris, just though I'd share this hoping some people will maybe find a song they love.
kaguuki googi
kaguuki googi Oy oldin
I pretty much listen to anything Expect these things But anything, pretty much
Charlie Ruth Chadwick
Charlie Ruth Chadwick Oy oldin
This was your most relatable video to date.
DHG Leo Oy oldin
It’s Logic we don’t listen to your music either
Lucas S
Lucas S Oy oldin
Well Im glad somebody else said it.
Dangelo Pitcher
Dangelo Pitcher Oy oldin
I laughed my head off at the picture of keemstar with out a beard
Dangelo Pitcher
Dangelo Pitcher Oy oldin
Loved the video it's funny how some people think if you listen to a girl singing you are gay but if you listen to a guy singing your straight in what universe does this make sense
connor christy
connor christy Oy oldin
HappiestSadGuy Oy oldin
Was there always a black guy in Maroon 5??
Cameron Peterson
Cameron Peterson Oy oldin
Objectively I must say, your face is not improved nor impared by the mustache. You look pretty good either way so I suggest you do what's the most comfortable. Edit: holy shit how does this have 21k comments? Only an insane person would read through all these
Laurence Hall
Laurence Hall Oy oldin
rexbk09 Oy oldin
Epic pov. ... .. .
Stoney Homey
Stoney Homey Oy oldin
I’m on the line of the box no country a little rap but inside the box also I like charmander pizza
Frank Knott iv
Frank Knott iv Oy oldin
I remember when my parents made u(s) shuck in corn so there corn made me the head
David Saenz
David Saenz Oy oldin
David Saenz
David Saenz Oy oldin
S s s i
Cactus Gaming
Cactus Gaming Oy oldin
I personally don't mind as long as initially they only ask what genres you listen to. Because you can quickly gauge if there might be an overlap in taste and if not then you can change topic
ScaredyCatGaming Oy oldin
I honestly think he looks so much better without the mustache he looks just kind of cleaner no offense.
Diego A.
Diego A. Oy oldin
Most of the time I find myself saying "anything" to this question just to avoid this kind of interaction and finish it on the spot. I'd never ask it back and it's still pretty uncomfortable. Of course I wouldn't say to my 50 years old coworker "oh I love the one where hatsune miku sings romeo and cinderella"
FL1Pr Oy oldin
Damn, he is pretty T h i c c tho...
Yugo Onion
Yugo Onion Oy oldin
It’s hard to talk about music when you listen to pornogrind...
too broke
too broke Oy oldin
pornogrind sux listen to power violence
Episode 14
Episode 14 Oy oldin
Bad unboxing!!!!!!!!
Above The Downside
Above The Downside Oy oldin
i'm wearing metal band merch most of the time. i have to explain sometimes that i listen to other genres than just metal. but thats way easier than explaining the bands you're into.
Cupa Pilla
Cupa Pilla Oy oldin
Kadir Ali Duman
Kadir Ali Duman Oy oldin
So, what do you listen to?
LoFi Riven
LoFi Riven Oy oldin
No mustache is better, it doesn't look "horrible" tho, just not good lol
Giovanni Arroyo
Giovanni Arroyo Oy oldin
I think you just got unlucky I ask what music you like then if you tell me then we listen to some of your stuff then we listen to something I like that I think is similar and we jam out like that
Animations Creations
Animations Creations Oy oldin
Raycons are the raid shadow legends of earbuds
Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll Oy oldin
All my favourite bands are spelt in cyrillic and I dont speak Russian.
Merlin Shmerlin
Merlin Shmerlin Oy oldin
nah bruh, keep it blank, I know maps r commin big n shit but eh in the end u don't care and I gonna be whatevs I still watchin the kiddi filder patrol cauz like all the soibois have dis tolder grinder on yt now
Fabio Galvanized Knuckes
Fabio Galvanized Knuckes Oy oldin
My gf and I , have determined that you look perfectly fine ma dude. Idk why people trippin saying you look repulsive. It fits your characters
KilBarz Oy oldin
Lol don’t put Rap and Country in the same sentence again 😂
Shrrade Oy oldin
Definitely look better without the stache
Fu5t Oy oldin
what is in your nose?
Bearz DLC
Bearz DLC Oy oldin
Keep the stache
Charles Clements
Charles Clements Oy oldin
2:11 rice gum
Mark Oy oldin
My daughter:dad can we listen to some music on our way to school Me:sure*turns on sabaton*
Na St
Na St Oy oldin
My favorite singer is Waylon Jennings try making that a fun conversation with people my age lmao
person person
person person Oy oldin
The stache should stay imo
huflungpu90 Oy oldin
Logic much
Jordan Stacey
Jordan Stacey Oy oldin
Listen to Brads beans
Jordan Stacey
Jordan Stacey Oy oldin
Oh shirt, I ment beastie boys
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes Oy oldin
I'm the kind of person that will answer "I like hardtek, frenchcore, hardcore electronic, industrial, crossbreed, acid techno" and be told, "that's not actually music."
Jd Morgan
Jd Morgan Oy oldin
Soo like dubbbztep and lady gaga
Jd Morgan
Jd Morgan Oy oldin
For corn and country
No stache
Balooga Oy oldin
corn is pretty good I like corn but I used to not like corn
it's Connor Lmao
it's Connor Lmao Oy oldin
when i saw die antwood pop, knowing i just listened to them the other day, is a whole other level of happiness
Clayton Vogel
Clayton Vogel Oy oldin
Thank you mommy
Miyatoro Oy oldin
i got to know you without the mustache so i like you more without it
sean Oy oldin
with mustache
ShinraFugitives Oy oldin
You forgot to mention the people who are open to all types of music but have a primary genre
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork Oy oldin
I suspect that he just has a lot of awkward conversations
Edgar Navarro
Edgar Navarro Oy oldin
I hate when people talk music like it’s sports
kaseklan Oy oldin
I bet ur girl also eats corn like that.
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn Oy oldin
TheBlackBullet3 Oy oldin
but death grips IS my personality
blueyellowandgreen Oy oldin
Considering the video I watched before this one was a kickstarter crap, you shaving did not cause me to run away.
Tillson Oy oldin
Damn that felt good hearing you talk about that. Sounds cliche, but I feel exactly the same about music and never liked talking about it but everyone seems to unaccepting about that. Thank god I'm not alone. Btw. in my opinion, Mustache is the way to go for you, fuck what other people say. Not a lot of people can wear them these days but you quite literally look like a cop from the 80s who doesn't give a shit about what these other cucks say and I respect that.
Britnie Levi
Britnie Levi Oy oldin
I loved the mustache
Logan Mohler
Logan Mohler Oy oldin
Hey, idubbbz. Let's talk about music.
The sprite Is here
The sprite Is here Oy oldin
I always just say Indie
fish swim
fish swim Oy oldin
i like this question because i get to tell people about comethazine because somehow people still don’t listen to him
Olivia Oliver
Olivia Oliver Oy oldin
he is one, spitting facts, and two, what my boyfriend is like when asked about it.
Magical Moose
Magical Moose 25 kun oldin
@Simpson, eh? I give a shit about what I like :)
Magical Moose
Magical Moose 25 kun oldin
@Paul Kirby Nah, I'm not Asian.
Simpson, eh?
Simpson, eh? 25 kun oldin
Who gives a shit what your boyfriend likes or doesn't like? lmao
Internet User
Internet User 26 kun oldin
Are you german?
SnowPhoenix 29 kun oldin
@Paul Kirby mouth* I got you
The White Watcher
The White Watcher Oy oldin
Raycons aren’t very good
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