Can you pay for a better meme?

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In this video i pay strangers to make funny pictures(AKA MEMES). I got less than i bargained for..somehow. I think the next experiment should be something specific. These guys need something to work off of.....
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TSC Boys
TSC Boys 4 kun oldin
how covid rly started^^
Hudson Labold
Hudson Labold 9 kun oldin
Bad, very bad
tylor anderson
tylor anderson 23 kun oldin
That's so unmoney
tylor anderson
tylor anderson 23 kun oldin
Puts straws in sea thing, it's like the ocean now
eyan pseudonymical surname
eyan pseudonymical surname 27 kun oldin
all of these are shit basically
Praise Jesus
Praise Jesus 28 kun oldin
Asstit: enlarged Colon Tallulah: אני ברווז ג'ף בזוז תמורת 21 דולר
Lion Cactus
Lion Cactus Oy oldin
For the dog one: When your wife complains that dog runs away to much in the park and she loses him so you make him more recongizeable.
FL1Pr Oy oldin
I wish I could afford Dead and Shoulders, but alas......... I do not have $26.95
Sanderv V
Sanderv V Oy oldin
q370p Oy oldin
the 12$ girl had some crackhead energy
Fluffenyan Oy oldin
that video will never get 444k creeper and steve will hang for eternity
Spencer Norcross
Spencer Norcross Oy oldin
Supporting your local artist
The Coolest Bean My dudes
The Coolest Bean My dudes Oy oldin
I am disappointed that the shampoo did not cost $26.95
squidud Oy oldin
Edup rocking the sampson sr850s. Good taste.
Fiona Hodkinson
Fiona Hodkinson Oy oldin
The marajuan one made me laugh a lot
beanie weiner
beanie weiner Oy oldin
I thought it wouldn't be 26.95
DrumOrDie Gaming
DrumOrDie Gaming Oy oldin
Alan Zhang
Alan Zhang Oy oldin
8:35 Ian those are cameras
Wuvumgywgy !
Wuvumgywgy ! 2 oy oldin
1:44 2:10
hhris C
hhris C 2 oy oldin
I wanna see what's in the vault.....
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 2 oy oldin
Hes content commissioner now
BreathRock616 2 oy oldin
Only 26 payments of fuckyfuckybishitfuck
bhopcsgo 2 oy oldin
why is idubbbz so shiny in this vid
William Gray
William Gray 2 oy oldin
The fuck movies was this guy in?
L R 2 oy oldin
Idk the comedian was pretty funny XD
Darth_vader 2 oy oldin
I straight up draw idubbbz for a school project and it came out 10/10 it was a picture of him in the wheelchair after his crippling depression affected him.
AlphaQ 2 oy oldin
Braxton Nix
Braxton Nix 2 oy oldin
Just cementing that women are not funny
Liam Marten
Liam Marten 3 oy oldin
When you realise 99% of the memes he paid for are stolen off the internet
exkhaliber c hd
exkhaliber c hd 3 oy oldin
KingTiger Tank
KingTiger Tank 3 oy oldin
newbslayer CM
newbslayer CM 3 oy oldin
do a content cop on steven crowder lol
Kellen 3 oy oldin
3:51 i fucking lost it
Brannon Schussler
Brannon Schussler 3 oy oldin
Didn’t know there were so many con artists on fiverr not everyone is but wow these were pretty shite
Low effort Productions
Low effort Productions 3 oy oldin
Wow, those fiverr gigs were actually really un-funny memes. I can't believe they get paid to do that. I could do that
MAD-Logic_YT 4 oy oldin
hola ian
tim Tim
tim Tim Oy oldin
I hate spain
Wade WIlson
Wade WIlson 4 oy oldin
11:04 maybe she did a facial creampie??? Idk might be stretching it
Ameliorate 4 oy oldin
0:15 - when you go at those protein shakes after the first day at the gym
chip skylark
chip skylark 4 oy oldin
Hey what happened with misaki? I know someone made a long ass video about it but I couldn't find a tldr in the comments. Anyone know?
chip skylark
chip skylark 3 oy oldin
@budozero thanks bro
budozero 3 oy oldin
Condensed version: Surprise surprise, it was just marketing.
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios 4 oy oldin
Is my moist dude turning into a Jynx Reloaded but a molester version of him
Verified Microsoft Technician
Verified Microsoft Technician 4 oy oldin
Worst video so far?
jimbo the peacock
jimbo the peacock 4 oy oldin
are you telling me i could get paid for adding some almost funny text over a meme template
Carmen Făt
Carmen Făt 4 oy oldin
Pappy 5 oy oldin
This is strongarm robbery.
Later Sk8er
Later Sk8er 5 oy oldin
MsCherry 5 oy oldin
6:44 the face what ian makes when he sees a jar, and a doll
Disney_Obsessed_Girl 5 oy oldin
When he popped out the straws, I thought he was gonna drink the water.
Jens Blades
Jens Blades 5 oy oldin
you should get a pop art picture of your new dog from the fiverr gal
Nathaniel Mathias
Nathaniel Mathias 5 oy oldin
I thought his shirt was dirty with flour or baby powder. Guess Im used to the old dirty raw idubbbz. 🙃
Random Person
Random Person 4 oy oldin
his shirt was dirty cause he threw flour onto himself at the beginning of the video haha
sergxe 5 oy oldin
No Name No Name
No Name No Name 5 oy oldin
Well technically she did do something cringy.
AnkleBreaker304 5 oy oldin
10:54I’m watching this on 9/11
GiDD 5 oy oldin
11:11 me waiting for quarantine to end
Gabe Buis
Gabe Buis 5 oy oldin
One of the greatest mysteries of my life now will be me always wondering...what was inside steve?
T.O.A (The Otaku Army)
T.O.A (The Otaku Army) 5 oy oldin
is this a fucking reaction video
Mr. Loowiz
Mr. Loowiz 6 oy oldin
You paid a WOMAN for COMEDY?
harinder13137 6 oy oldin
how much com jar
TylerBadBan e
TylerBadBan e 6 oy oldin
Can't wait for autistic steve to be destroyed
General Bill Nye the russian spy
General Bill Nye the russian spy 6 oy oldin
I've only now started to question What is Ian's fucked accent supposed to be
Xen Light
Xen Light 6 oy oldin
What if the pie had a fruit based swastika at the bottom that showed up on her face when she pulled it away
Thaddeus McQuestionable
Thaddeus McQuestionable 6 oy oldin
“Helo effreywone, I am batch” had me dying
StOnEMoVe420 6 oy oldin
The stoned guy with the marijuanas is the best ahahah
svampebob007 6 oy oldin
idk what's worst, paying for porn or paying for memes
Spencer 2
Spencer 2 7 oy oldin
I guess you could say she got cream pied
Nikoline H
Nikoline H 7 oy oldin
I thought he was eating a straw made of sand.
Louis Flanagan
Louis Flanagan 7 oy oldin
Cream pie joke
Diss Raps
Diss Raps 7 oy oldin
Problem: do stupid people watch iDubbbz videos?
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei 7 oy oldin
I stopped the video at 0:03 just to ask: is it just me or is that creeper intentionally looking like a dick? There's probably something off about his proportions, cause I never see a dick looking at a creeper. Or have them always looked dicky-ish?
Paul T
Paul T 7 oy oldin
Can't tell anymore if your sarcastically mixing all the worst channel gimmicks. Or mixing in gimmicks because you know its youtubes algos and you need content to blast later.
jay dee
jay dee 7 oy oldin
That is an insane amount of plastic to add to a micro habitat. Think of the nematodes!
Uku Sibul
Uku Sibul 7 oy oldin
Tbf the last one didn't have much to go off of, but he managed it pretty well.
TheNoob Perkins
TheNoob Perkins 7 oy oldin
Pause on jar for pentagram.
Fantasy Hero
Fantasy Hero 7 oy oldin
epic cringe moment
Ally Alexander
Ally Alexander 7 oy oldin
Well imma make memes on fiver from now on
florp 7 oy oldin
We need content cop, Ian.
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 8 oy oldin
The cum jar made me laugh
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 8 oy oldin
What have you done with his kids
Hora De Boludos
Hora De Boludos 8 oy oldin
this video is shit, i appreciate it
E Kay
E Kay 8 oy oldin
Holy shit i need to do business on there, these people are meme, joke & fun retarded charging 10-40 dollars???
enby riot
enby riot 8 oy oldin
ian is oddly charming ?? idk man it’s cute
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 8 oy oldin
At 5:44 that fake laugh
Razz Willoughby
Razz Willoughby 8 oy oldin
Not joking but did you actually have cancer
Von Gundaker
Von Gundaker 7 oy oldin
No he didn't
ikke even
ikke even 8 oy oldin
make content cop
badger 8 oy oldin
I like it when ian laughs
some_dummyhead 8 oy oldin
Ironically funny things are more funny than things trying to be funny
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 8 oy oldin
Well that last video was cringey so I guess he did get what he asked for
Clown ass bitch
Clown ass bitch 8 oy oldin
you can see the pain in his eyes as he realizes he paid 100 dollars for a couple shitty memes
n0tpat 9 oy oldin
10:10 you must consider the context of what your giving this man or woman to work with for making this meme, the dog is multicolored how does someone make that a meme? The sheer effort this person but in is astonishing, im surprised they were actually able to pull through and provide you a meme for this multicolored drawing of an small animal.
kenanjasic 9 oy oldin
women are not funny
Cameron Lanni
Cameron Lanni 9 oy oldin
which subreddit is this
irish dumb dumb
irish dumb dumb 9 oy oldin
Not at all
fast AiR
fast AiR 9 oy oldin
the caption for the dog one shoulda read "when you ask someone on fiver to make you a meme"
ZiK 9 oy oldin
... people in merica will buy horse shit in bag. 50$ for meme... common. I make better jokes out of my head on spot.
Bruh 9 oy oldin
Where is Pink guyy
Andrew Newcome
Andrew Newcome 9 oy oldin
Remember when idubzz didnt look like a middle age dad trying to get in touch with the internet
Barrage gaming
Barrage gaming 9 oy oldin
Random Fish
Random Fish 9 oy oldin
11:10 if you put all your attention to this three seconds, You will see that Ian is SANS!!!
Random Fish
Random Fish 9 oy oldin
Ian: Big props to Mark Zuckerberg. Wait wuh...???
winifred donahue
winifred donahue 9 oy oldin
U r a meme
harry drewitt
harry drewitt 9 oy oldin
why cant you make good content anymore
idubbbz looks at your funny meme :)
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