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sirbloops 7 soat oldin
I love how Erik is dressed for the role, despite the fact he isn't meant to appear on camera.
Kitchy 7 soat oldin
13:15 reminds me of that one scene in short circuit 2 where Number Five gets beat up by gang members
Just hacking Around
Just hacking Around 2 kun oldin
But Cocomelon is banned .... lmao ....
S and l 777
S and l 777 3 kun oldin
Hard to believe that its been a year since this Masterpiece was released
КГБ СССР 9 kun oldin
13:38 when Michael throws a bottle on robodad Ian gets a gash on his shin and it really starts to bleed
Jenna M.
Jenna M. 12 kun oldin
Ian: kissing your parents is repulsive Also Ian: 8:53
Tyler Gully
Tyler Gully 13 kun oldin
star trek: the next generation
ramenmantis 19 kun oldin
Pete Swafflemeyer
Pete Swafflemeyer 24 kun oldin
ArC Luv
ArC Luv 25 kun oldin
Was this a fever dream?
Reck 27 kun oldin
William realizing how old he is in this video lmao
gh0stgrillcheese 27 kun oldin
Robot comment etiquette
OlafttheGreat1998 28 kun oldin
I've probably said this a hundred times on a hundred different videos...but this is the best video on the internet
Alex Gullion
Alex Gullion 28 kun oldin
Is iDubbbz ok? I don't think iDubbbz Is ok
Kai Maintenance
Kai Maintenance 28 kun oldin
Deadly twister with these 3
Cheeseburger Oy oldin
This is the 2nd best group on UZpost (:
chanel bacon
chanel bacon Oy oldin
This is a more comedic version of daddy 05
RobinoK Oy oldin
It's a good bit, you couldn't have picked a better crew either.
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Oy oldin
I love the first part where they show Erik and he’s just incredibly and inexplicably greasy.
Gustav Lauritzen
Gustav Lauritzen Oy oldin
Acting 100
Duarte Costa
Duarte Costa Oy oldin
we all know who made the robot. and none of us is amused
SlurofwordS Oy oldin
This brings back so many memories
Introvert Alexa
Introvert Alexa Oy oldin
Soviet clone trooper
Soviet clone trooper Oy oldin
Weres the remote control
Tennessee Boi
Tennessee Boi Oy oldin
In daddy salvias hands
pizza dumpster
pizza dumpster Oy oldin
Did michael made that robot
okay Oy oldin
idubbbz bleeding profusely from the leg : i sleep idubbbz getting shot by a paintball gun : real shit
Levelmake Oy oldin
Ian- Is Idubbbz. Michael- Is a tiny super-villain. Will- Is scared and is wondering how to escape.
Gyros Steel balls
Gyros Steel balls Oy oldin
Very nice monster high headphones
Chris Ayala
Chris Ayala Oy oldin
LearningAnimate Oy oldin
Even iddubz can create filthy frank like vibes
Aidan Klipp
Aidan Klipp Oy oldin
13:38 Did anyone else notice that Ian’s left shin started bleeding out immediately after the bottle gets thrown?
sve Oy oldin
I just spamed the middle button on outo spell ool
sve Oy oldin
I thinking about you and your family and your family are doing well if you want to come over and your family are doing well if you want to come over and get me a president and your family are doing well
RealRambunctiousRecruit Oy oldin
golden age vibes
Enzo S
Enzo S Oy oldin
2:16 Me tasting pineapples.
Caleb Chesnutt
Caleb Chesnutt Oy oldin
so, is this robot the product of the events of the Commentiquette episode about AI?
TehHolySpudBoi Oy oldin
what am I watching.... what has my life come to....
Troy Carter
Troy Carter Oy oldin
suffering? pain agony even
ItsNotYeAlt Oy oldin
4:40 one of the best memeable screen caps in the video imo.
Lil Lobster
Lil Lobster Oy oldin
German-British children be like:
TacoKat Oy oldin
It's all fun and games now but once the robots begin to rise up you'll be the first to get enslaved.
Eli M.
Eli M. Oy oldin
The good ending?
Яæton Oy oldin
Ian’s Videos: Cinematic Storytelling and Unhinged Ranting Williams Videos: Professional Engineering Projects with Comedic Twists Michael’s Videos: *the deformed bastard child of the two*
willingmaster101 Oy oldin
Dude that 360 backhand
skyguardian18 Oy oldin
You know, it's a good thing Michael's GF never met his robot step-dad
Jaxon Vaal
Jaxon Vaal 2 oy oldin
Anyone else see Ian’s leg gushing blood when Michael threw the bottle 😂
The real deal
The real deal 2 oy oldin
Please do more of these skits that abuse the bois
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 2 oy oldin
fuck you, dad
louis masar
louis masar 2 oy oldin
This is the best video collab since edward watermelon hands! Eddups best!
Roy Chen
Roy Chen 2 oy oldin
Xxjuandestroyerxx 2 oy oldin
Plz make more stuff like this It so funny
Justin Tyler
Justin Tyler 2 oy oldin
Erik was very articulate with the arm whips
ana 2 oy oldin
i always come back for this video
Moop 2 oy oldin
You need a therapist.
Yankis 2 oy oldin
bruh moment
bruh moment 2 oy oldin
It doesn’t look that terrifying until you realize that he’s almost the size of an adult human.
Barbara Makins
Barbara Makins 2 oy oldin
Drunk dads be like: 0:14
LaCane 2 oy oldin
8:50 i never realised what this signifies until now
flaka 2 oy oldin
{Refiller Name}
{Refiller Name} 2 oy oldin
William has never heard so many colorful words
Samantha Albanese
Samantha Albanese 2 oy oldin
Is no one going to talk about how their safe word is “I am Groot” (7:30) when the safe word in that shock collar video with Max and Joji was “Dolan”? ---honestly, iconic and epic, just a total dub
burntCrab 2 oy oldin
They probably thought ahead for the video but I like to think they added the barf function for no reason
E 2 oy oldin
What did you use to do the voice for the robot?
monsterluv101 2 oy oldin
These TLC shows are getting way out of hand
thomish 2 oy oldin
He is not abusive, just misunderstood
Aaron Kintzer
Aaron Kintzer 2 oy oldin
The accuracy of the slap in the beginning thoooooo
Ultracrepidarian 3 oy oldin
I like how he drinks it before giving it over
Connor Donovan
Connor Donovan 3 oy oldin
Idubbs plus Michael Reeves is just awsome
khogen Naorem
khogen Naorem 3 oy oldin
Micheal be subtlely making a papa franku reference everytime
Szylu 3 oy oldin
14:13 Was he referencing papa Franku?
Jenna Michael
Jenna Michael 3 oy oldin
did anyone notice idubbbz bleeding leg at 13:44
Jesper Ingebrigtsen
Jesper Ingebrigtsen 3 oy oldin
Im in this video im scared idk whats happening
El TATE 3 oy oldin
Yea, I can see weebs making clone high references in instagram with this video
Sean Adshade
Sean Adshade 3 oy oldin
Is that Eric from internet comment etiquette as dad?
MoringAfterStar 3 oy oldin
What the actual firetruck
Dina Miles
Dina Miles 3 oy oldin
wow pretty much reminds me of my dad lol
Aylmer Ho
Aylmer Ho 3 oy oldin
It's 1:54 in the morning right now. I'm here rewatching this for like the 20th time, and I'm enjoying it. This is one of my favourite videos on the internet.
Engineer gaming DELUXE
Engineer gaming DELUXE 3 oy oldin
3 Of the stupidest people on UZpost teaming up I never thought I'd see the say
Jack Cutter
Jack Cutter 3 oy oldin
I legit thought this was a Smosh video and was a sequel to the robot friend video 😂
Ethn Mz
Ethn Mz 3 oy oldin
did they get a homeless man to voice the robot?
babygoblin 3 oy oldin
William looks genuinely scared the whole time
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark 3 oy oldin
The most fun part comes from figuring out which parts are them playing a character and which ones are them genuinely concerned and worried.
ׁ 3 oy oldin
The one of the last videos IDubbbz did before he stuck his tail between his legs and the channel did a complete U-turn.
Otto Howe
Otto Howe 3 oy oldin
Anyone notice Ian's leg bleeding after Michael smashed the bottle at 13:38
elliott bestt
elliott bestt 3 oy oldin
I got your favorite... we got 4 loko😭😂
Mason Irwin
Mason Irwin 3 oy oldin
Did any one else see glass slice open Ian’s knee at 13:38
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 3 oy oldin
I can't believe I got through this whole video
Anthony Del Nero
Anthony Del Nero 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one who saw the tapes shape on the back lmao
c17h21no4 4 oy oldin
I like how the oldest looking son is the youngest child and the youngest looking son is the oldest child
ביגניגגאַ טיראָנע Tolet
ביגניגגאַ טיראָנע Tolet 4 oy oldin
I feel like in some sort of weird away if you took some certain parts away from this, this could actually be a kind of interesting story
Angel Castro
Angel Castro 4 oy oldin
When robot dad bitch slapped Ian and Michael laughed at him I can say that is the most accurate shit I’ve ever seen
ittegapS Sauce
ittegapS Sauce 4 oy oldin
I like how Goblin-Re____-Fa____ just wants to get out of there
PapaBray 4 oy oldin
I can't believe Erik and Mike Stoklasa have the exact same voice.
andrew ramirez
andrew ramirez 4 oy oldin
Ian bleed
Cu Culan
Cu Culan 4 oy oldin
imagine if you were a neighbour and saw that
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 4 oy oldin
Applechomper 4 oy oldin
He has a long Hitler stache
pizza dumpster
pizza dumpster 4 oy oldin
I have a question it Michael make the robot
W4-11 v2.0
W4-11 v2.0 4 oy oldin
It’s frightening how good miachel is with a gun
Ryuusuke Hyaku Sanjuuroku
Ryuusuke Hyaku Sanjuuroku 4 oy oldin
I have a stepfather, he's good and supportive but sometimes he's abusive. I forgot to mention he's German.
Plumpy Chump
Plumpy Chump 4 oy oldin
This is the legitimate definition of boys will be boys
Goose Milk
Goose Milk 4 oy oldin
office space if it was 2019
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